Carn Cottage - Aleister Crowley's Haunted Shack In Zennor, Cornwall

Carn Cottage - Aleister Crowley's House, Zennor, Cornwall

Zennor, Cornwall

It's claimed that the famous occultist Aleister Crowley has been linked to a dilapidated Carn Cottage on the hill overlooking village of Zennor in Cornwall. The very whisper of any association has led some locals to believe that the building is haunted, perhaps due to claims that Crowley attempted to summon up the Devil himself there.

The cottage was purchased as a redevelopment opportunity in 2019 and subsequently secured by its new owner in 2020. As a result there is no access to the cottage, which is strictly private property.

When a famous artist moved into the cottage in the 1940s, he was warned by locals that the house is haunted. He was told that the negative energy that lingers in the cottage is the result of a fatal black magic ritual that Crowley performed there in 1938.

The ritual is said to have resulted in the death of Ka Cox, a well-known public figure of the time, who visited the couple living in the house after they became concerned about the ritual Crowley was performing there.

It's not clear what happened that night, but Kay suffered from a sudden seizure that she never regained consciousness from and her friend who lived there, Ellaline Vaughan was committed to St Lawrence's mental hospital in Bodmin.

Carn Cottage Map


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