St. Briavels Castle

February 14, 2020
St. Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire

Lydney, Gloucestershire

St. Briavels Castle, located in the Forest of Dean and dating back to around 1100, is renowned for its haunting history. The Solar Room, once occupied by King John, is often filled with the sound of a crying baby, especially poignant after the discovery of a mummified infant during renovations. The Castle Keep Area is known for sightings of a knight in full armor who disappears suddenly, adding to the castle's eerie ambiance.

Other notable areas include the Hanging Room, where strange noises and a dark mass have been reported, and the Prison Room, notorious for poltergeist activity and unexplained growling sounds. The Chaplains Room and the Constables Room are both sites of frequent paranormal occurrences, with guests experiencing mysterious touches and feelings of strangulation.

The Oubliette Room, with its infamous 'Scary Bed,' and the State Apartment, where footsteps and a ghostly young girl in white have been seen, further contribute to the castle's haunted reputation. Overall, St. Briavels Castle presents a myriad of ghostly tales and experiences, making it a fascinating location for those interested in the paranormal.

St. Briavels Castle Map

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