Essential Ghost Hunting Equipment

February 10, 2017 2:10 AM ‐ ParanormalGhosts

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Whether you're just starting out as a ghost hunter or you're just looking to add to your existing list of paranormal research equipment, then here is a complete list of all the essential tools any supernatural investigator needs.

Ghost Hunting Equipment


Camera DSL ghost hunting

Capturing photographic evidence is a crucial part of a paranormal investigation so having the right camera is important. As for what's the best camera for paranormal research, there's just far too many to chose from. The most suitable camera for an investigation depends on your expertise as a photographer and your price range as the cost of good cameras range dramatically. From cheaper compact cameras to top of the range digital SLR cameras. To start you out in you research, here are the top five best selling cameras from 2016:
1. Canon EOS 70D 

EMF Detector

EMF meter for ghost hunting

An electro-magnetic frequency meter is an essential piece of ghost hunting kit and by far one of the most widely used. The K-II EMF meter is the most popular EMF meter. The device is reliable, simple to use with nothing more than an on/off switch and it's highly sensitive, detecting fluctuations and spikes in the EM field from 50 to 1,000Hz. The device gives instant via five LED lights.
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Digital Recorder

Audio recorder for ghost hunting

A good quality digital audio record can be used to document an investigation as well as attempt to capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). An EVP is a spirit voice which is captured, often the voice is caught by asking questions allowed during the investigating and although no sounds may be heard at the time, upon reviewing the recording voices and sounds can be heard.
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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer Ghost Hunting

Spirit manifestation is often associated with "cold spots," areas of the room where there is a sudden dip in temperature. This thermometer can be used easily with nothing more than a point and click, no contact is required. It's also useful to use a thermometer during an investigation to rule out discomfort and the subconscious influence of temperature peaks and troughs.
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Torch for Ghost Hunting

No one wants to find themselves trapped in a dark, haunted house without a flashlight and flashlights don't come much better than the BYBLIGHT T6 Tactical Flashlight Torch, with a massive 800 lumens of light from a super powerful LED. The torch comes with a Li-ion rechargeable battery. It's made from durable aircraft grade aluminum with military grade hard-anodized clip slot handling and is waterproof and designed for use in heavy rain.
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Thermal Camera For Smart Phone

Thermal Imaging Camera for Ghost Hunting

This amazing, yet pricey gadget let's you convert your iPhone or Android smartphone in to a fully functioning thermal imaging camera. The camera works regardless of light conditions, whether total darkness or broad daylight and can detect heat from nearly 2,000 feet away and as close as 8 inches.
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Barometer Ghost Hunting

Knowing the atmospheric conditions during a paranormal investigation is important and with this handy tool, there's nothing you won't know. This handheld anemometer tracks wind speed, temperature, wind chill and pressure.
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Ghost Hunting App

Spirit Story Box - Ghost Hunting App

Spirit Story Box is the latest iPhone app which lets you to talk to the dead by allow spirits to generate single or multi-word messages from beyond the grave. The app is pretty simple to use with just two buttons, the on/off switch and a high/low switch. The app's key selling point is that it uses a "unique, proprietary story engine" to produce meaningful, simple sentences. From time to time spirit voices appear on the display and a computerised voice reads them out. This app is definitely the most useable and most engaging ghost hunting app I've seen and I can imagine it being used to scare the hell out of people on hunts in spooky locations. The app is currently only available for iOS.
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Compass ghost hunting

A simple yet effect piece of ghost hunting kit and a cheaper alternative to an electronic EMF meter, a simple compass can detect fluctuations in the electromagnetic field in just the same way as an EMF meter, just look for erratic movements of the needle.
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