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British UFO Expert Was Killed Days Before Exposing A "Global Black Magic Ring"

Last summer Max Spiers, a conspiracy theorist from Canterbury in the UK died under mysterious circumstances, in Poland where he was due to deliver a talk at a conference on his research in to a secretive global black magic ring which consists of well-known celebrities and politicians.

His friends and family claim that the 39-year-old, UFO expert and paranormal investigator was murdered to prevent him from exposing his findings.

According to Polish authorities, Max died from natural causes on a friend's sofa in Warsaw, but his friend claims he died vomiting a mysterious black liquid just days after texting his family back in the UK saying he feared for his life.
Max Spiers

What Is Black Magic?

For most people magic only exists in fiction, but those who believe in dark magic say it's a secret art which has been protected and kept secret from the public for centuries.

At its core, black magic or dark magic is all about Satanism, it is the act of using supernatural powers for evil and selfish purposes, it can involve invocation of evil spirits and demonic possession.

The victims of black magic can be either an individual target or society as a whole.

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Dark "Magik" Being Practiced By The Global Elite

The Illuminati

Max believed that secret societies made up of some the world's wealthiest and most powerful people maintain their influence over the public by using black magic. These secret societies, informally fall under the label of the "New World Order" and are said to hide behind legitimate organisation such as the CIA and large pharmaceutical companies.

Conspiracy theorists like Max Spiers believe that the higher ranks of these organisations are full of occultists who protect and take advantage of the ancient secrets of black magic.

The Illuminati is just one secretive group of occult practitioners, they are said to have been around for thousands of years controlling society from the shadows. It's been claimed that as members climbs the ranks and reach the highest tiers, they will be invited to take part in magic rituals.

Higher ranking member are also given access to a "secret library" where they can learn the centuries old secrets kept from the public, this is believed to include teachings on how communication with aliens and lifeforms from other dimensions, and ways to control the masses through mind control and the occult.

Before Max Spiers died in July 2016, it's believed he was about to lift the lid on these dark magical practices and name some of the politicians, corporate executives, military heads, intelligence chiefs, international bankers and influential celebrities involved.

These few privileged society members aim to create a One World Government under the guidance of Lucifer. In exchange for selling their souls to the devil they will be rewarded with power and money. They carry out their dark arts in the form of satanic rituals, sacrifice, sex and death.

These practices are believed to raise the black magician's energy, they can then manipulate the electromagnetic energy of the world around them for their own gain. For example they can use this energy to psychically influence people's decisions, overwhelm them with negative energy or brainwash an individual.
Dark magic practitioners believe that the energy and matter which makes up the universe is intrinsically linked. As energy exists in waves of specific frequencies, the Satanic rituals are believed to align the psychic energy of the participants with that of other dark entities.

With this EM synchronisation thoughts, emotions and memories can be transferred from one being into another. It can also work the other way around with the dark magician taking thought and memories from their victim.

A New Wave Of Nazi Power

Nazi Swastika Occult Symbol

After the Second World War rumours began to circulate about Adolf Hitler's involvement in the occult and black magic, although there's no solid evidence it seems that much of the Nazi mythos has its roots in occult symbology. The swastika itself predates Nazi Germany and has been used across Europe in witchcraft for centuries.

Believers in the Nazi's occult practices claim they were using dark magic as a form of mind control using Satanic techniques to make their targets believe that pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain, it eventually breaks the victim down so they can no longer tell the difference between the two.

Just two weeks before Max Spier's death, in his last ever interview, he spoke of his belief in a new era of Nazi power, the Fourth Reich. Max believes that Nazis who survived the Second World War and avoided being imprisoned went underground and joined forces with other organisations from around the world to further their research into dark magic.

Just like the aim of secret societies, the Nazi party's agenda was to take over Europe, to work towards a One World Government. Some believe that after World War I and II a new era of peace fell over Europe which led to the formation of the United Nations, uniting Europe and bring the New World Order a step closer to their ultimate goal of uniting the countries of the world into one.

The New World Order's Mind Control Program

Psychic Energy Of The Brain

Max Spiers claims that the Nazi's mind control program lives on today under the guise "MK ULTRA." In fact the paranormal expert goes as far as to say he was himself brainwashed by "big pharma" and Nazi controlled cartels.

Just like the alleged Nazi techniques, he says he was constantly bombarded with "false memories" which taught him that "pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain." These rogue memories eventually "bleed through" and become your own thoughts.

Max believed that around two million Americans are under the influence of the MK ULTRA project and those that aren't are under a similar form of controlled under the power of the media which spews out government propaganda and false history.

Why Was Max Spiers Killed?

It's not clear who Max intended to name when he revealed his findings or the exact details of the black magic ring he was about to expose.

His mother recently told British media that Max "had been digging in some dark places and I fear that somebody wanted him dead." Exactly what Max was researching remains unknown as when his laptop and phone was returned to his family from Poland all data had been completely wiped.

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