Most Haunted At Guy's Cliffe House, Unseen Vigils

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At the end of the last series of Most Haunted, Yvette Fielding and her team conducted an investigation of Guy's Cliffe House in Warwick over two episodes. The house itself is now in ruins, but a chapel was built behind the house. The chapel passed in to private hands in 1947 and since 1955 has been home to the Fraternal Brotherhood of Freemasons.

Now, for the first time ever, the team are giving you the chance to see the previously unaired vigils which never made the final edit of the TV show. The additional 20 minutes of the team's paranormal investigations have been uploaded to the show's official YouTube channel.

The extra footage gives fans of the show the chance to watch Most Haunted in HD for the first time ever. The unseen vigils includes Yvette, Darren, Glen and Gregg Smith in the Masonic temple conducting a "human pendulum" experiment, in which Darren felt a push to his back.

Meanwhile, Karl, Fred and Stuart Torevell were in the stable where they experienced a lot of activity in the form of objects being thrown, including a scaffolding clamp that hit Karl in his back and Stuart was hit by a falling piece of wood, which fell with some force causing Stuart to be knocked to the ground. We were also treated to some extra trademark Fred Batt demonic chants.

Guy's Cliffe House is said to be haunted by dark shadows, whining voices and the ghost of a white female apparition, who is often seen walking the grounds in a state of distress. It's believed she is the ghost of Lady Felice, Guy of Warwick's wife, from whom the house takes its name. It said that Lady Felice jumped from the top of the building and died on the ground in front of the cave underneath the house where Guy lived out the last few years of his life as a hermit.

In the first half of the investigation Karl Beattie was spooked by a banging door and odds sounds coming from all around him in the stables. Large bricks and stones were thrown at demonologist Fred Batt and his team who were holding a vigil in the wine cellar. And, Yvette investigated strange knocking sounds in the Masonic temple with the show's resident skeptic, Glen Hunt.

However, the most fascinating moment came towards the end of the second episode. Yvette was with Karl and Darren Hutchinson in the middle chamber, a small wood-panelled room. They started to feel the table shaking and vibrating underneath their fingers and very soon the table started lifting up, seemingly levitating under its own power. Yvette said, "my god, it's actually floating." The long rectangular table began to twist and turn, when the team attempted to turn it back, they were surprised by how heavy it was.

After a while Darren placed the camera under the table so we could see the team's feet, although not clearly because of the small room and tightness of the shot. The table continued to move and then, once the camera was placed on top of the table again, it started to vibrate and rock violently.

The movement became so violent that at one point the camera almost fell off of the table. Karl eventually stood up with the camera to get the whole table in shot. The table continued to shake and vibrate and then once again began to float from one end.

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