Guy's Cliffe House Haunted History Quiz

July 02, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormal
Ghost Hunting With Yvette Fielding At Guy's Cliffe House
Are you well-versed in the eerie tales and spectral sightings at the legendary Guy's Cliffe House? Discover how much you truly know with our challenging trivia quiz, crafted to measure your familiarity with one of the most intriguing haunted locations in the UK. Each question, from chilling ghost sightings to fascinating historical facts, delves deeper into the lore and legends that shroud this iconic paranormal hub. Do you dare to take the challenge?

1. What is the legend of Guy of Warwick associated with the site?

2. A fire broke causing serious damage to the house in 1992 during the filming of which production?

3. A brick tunnel outside the main building leads to what?

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4. In what year did the Freemasons begin holding meetings at the property?

5. Where is the "coachhouse" located?

6. What was the original purpose of the chapel established in 1423?

7. What are the ghosts associated with part of the chapel that was once used as a brewery known?

8. The Freemasons still hold meeting at Guy's Cliffe House to this day.

9. Guy's Cliffe House sits on the bank of which river?

10. How is Lady Felice said to have met her end?

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11. Who is the statue that watches over the main Masonic temple believed to be?

12. Which of these British paranormal shows have visited Guy's Cliffe House?

13. Originally part of the Guy's Cliffe estate, what is the nearby Saxon Mill now?

14. What happened to the house after the dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII?

15. What is the name of the spirit believed to haunt the grounds in distress?

16. Where is the property of Guy's Cliffe House located?

17. The original house was built by Samuel Greatheed but who was he?

18. What happened to the building during World War II?

19. Who is the mischievous ghost reported to haunt the coachhouse?

20. When was Guy's Cliffe House built?


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