Paul O'Grady Trains As An Exorcist To Help Friend Cilla Black's Ghost Move On

May 27, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevision

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Paul O'Grady - Most Haunted
British television presenter, Paul O'Grady, has admitted that he's learned how to perform an exorcism in order to help the ghost of his showbiz pal, Cilla Black, move on.

Paul, who's no stranger to ghost hunting, says he's been aware of Cilla's presence around him since her death in 2015.

Paul told the Daily Star that "it was a thrill" to exorcise the spirit of fellow Liverpudlian, Cilla. Paul and Cilla had been friends for many years, he gave an emotional eulogy at her funeral.

Paul said, "I've been exorcising ghosts. I've actually been exorcising our Cilla. I was very conscious so I'm glad I've done it."

Paul has been a regular guest on the long-running ghost hunting show 'Most Haunted', where he's attempted to track down spooks alongside former children's television star, Yvette Fielding.

Most recently, Paul joined Yvette and the team on their live investigation of 30 East Drive in Pontefract, a regular residential property, which is said to be the most haunted house in the UK.

Paul arrived at the haunted house on Halloween night 2015 and greeted the team by saying, "I was just passing on my broomstick and I thought I'd pop in and see my mates."

He soon showed that he had a unique and abrupt approach when it came to speaking to spirits. Talking to the poltergeist at Pontefract he said, "do you mind going so people can live in this house in peace, thank you very much. Go on piss off to the 16th century, or wherever you're from."

Later in the live episode, Paul taunted the poltergeist further, "come on, lift the f**king table now. You call yourself a poltergeist? You're a disgrace to the forces of evil."

Let's hope that Paul showed a little more respect when he was talking to 'Blind Date' presenter and television legend, Cilla.

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