Jack The Ripper's Ghost Brings The Scares In The Second Book In Yvette Fielding's 'Ghost Hunter Chronicles' Series

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Television ghost hunter, Yvette Fielding, has officially announced that the second book in her children's series, 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles', will revolve around the ghost of Jack the Ripper.

Yvette Fielding - The Ripper of Whitechapel: Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Television ghost hunter, Yvette Fielding, has officially announced that the second instalment in her children's book series, 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles', will revolve around the ghost of Jack the Ripper.

'The Ripper Of Whitechapel: Ghost Hunter Chronicles' is available to pre-order now and will be released on September 28.

Eve, Clovis and Tom continue their paranormal adventure in the book, which is the second in Yvette's best-selling series for children aged 11+. This time the gang tackle the reported hauntings of Jack the Ripper's ghost, once again with help from their bulldog Boris and Uncle Rufus, whose paranormal inventions finally get a proper road test.

Yvette launched the series last year with 'The House In The Woods', which saw the three friends venture into an abandoned house to use a Ouija board for the very first time on Halloween night.

The story continues in the latest book when the ghosts of two young children start to haunt a local school, and the gang are invited to help investigate the case. But before long they realise there is more to this haunting than they first realised, when it seems the ghost children are victims of Jack the Ripper. Is the evil Ripper of Whitechapel about to unleash a new campaign of terror from beyond the grave?

Much of the ghostly goings-on in the book is based on Yvette's first-hand experience as a paranormal investigator on the iconic television show, 'Most Haunted', which this week celebrates the 20th anniversary of its first ever episode.

In the show's early days, Yvette took the 'Most Haunted' team on a four-night live investigation in London's eastend on the trail of Jack the Ripper. They held vigil in famously haunted locations in the area, including Tower Bridge, Commercial Tavern, Clink Prison Museum and The Blind Beggar Pub,

Yvette said, "crazy as it seems, the knocking noises, poltergeist activity, objects flying through the air and hitting me have all occurred on a regular basis." She added, "I love poltergeist activity and become very excited when I discover objects piled up high or laid out in a pattern. It's like a ghost is saying, 'Look what I can do!'"

She added, "knowing that what Eve, Tom and Clovis experience can really occur and has happened on real ghost investigations makes the books even more scary for readers."

Yvette posted an photo of her new book on social media with the caption, "so excited to reveal the cover of my next book in #TheGhosthunterChronicles - The Ripper of Whitechapel will be scaring you silly from 28th September."

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Yvette Fielding - The Ripper of Whitechapel: Ghost Hunter Chronicles

After years of studying ghosts, Yvette become television's 'first lady' of the paranormal when she devised and launched 'Most Haunted' with her husband, Karl Beattie, back in 2002. After two decades hunting spooks, has she actually seen one?

Yvette said, "to see a full-bodied apparition is the real prize and I have had the pleasure, or should I say fearful encounter, a few times. The first was in the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London where I and two other investigators witnessed a pair of legs walking slowly up the main staircase. It was absolutely breath taking and yet terrifying at the same time."

Over time, Yvette discovered that every ghost had a story to tell, some sad, others inspiring and happy. She explained, "it was the ones who told me their tragic tales that intrigued me the most. Over the years I have conducted many private exorcisms and cleansings, helping home-owners and the ghosts themselves to find peace. This is what inspired me to begin writing 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles'."

Having already started working on the third book in the series, the ghost hunter confessed, "I adore writing these books, and I have fallen in love with all the characters."

Yvette said she didn't initially set out to write a children's series, it just came naturally. She explained, "I just put pen to paper and wrote for myself. Writing took me back to those times as a child, terrified on the sofa, and I know I would have loved stories like this - it just so happens that some of today's young adults seem to enjoy my spooky adventures too."

The ghost hunter continued, "I remembered what I was like as a teenager, nosy and up for an adventure. So the idea of a confident young girl, joined by two friends and her uncle, not forgetting her bulldog Boris was irresistible โ€“ and I loved writing about them as they began to unravel the secrets of the afterlife, whilst helping some lost souls on the way."

Even Boris is based on Yvette's real-life dog, Watson, who has become part of her investigation team and has even appeared on several episodes of 'Most Haunted'.

'The Ripper of Whitechapel: Ghost Hunter Chronicles' will be released on September 28, 2022 and is available to pre-order now.

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