Sharon Osbourne Rushed To Hospital After 'Night Of Terror' With Son Jack

September 29, 2023 1:00 AM
Jack Osbourne's Night Of Terror
Photo: © Warner Bros Discovery
In what was supposed to be an entertaining mother-son bonding experience exploring the paranormal, Sharon Osbourne was rushed to hospital after a spine-chilling episode at one of America's most haunted hotels.

Sharon had joined her son Jack for his upcoming show, 'Jack Osbourne's Night Of Terror', which debuts this Sunday on the Travel Channel. The season premiere features the century-old Glen Tavern Inn, a destination that Jack described as having some of the country's most unsettling spirits. "My mum has never been on a ghost hunt with me before," Jack revealed prior to their venture.

The two set out to explore the historical hotel in Santa Paula, California. On their way, Sharon expressed mixed feelings about her belief in ghosts. "I do and I don't. Because I've never seen a ghost, I say no," she stated.

The skepticism, however, quickly turned into dread. The hotel's owners, Rosanna and Aisha, claim that visitors have reported alarming paranormal phenomena, including apparitions and disembodied footsteps. With the aim of establishing who or what haunts the building, and whether it is safe for the hotel's guests, Jack and Sharon begin their investigation.

If Sharon's experience in the inn's most haunted room is anything to go by, then guests are in for a sleepless night, as her solo vigil quickly turned into a medical emergency. Unfazed by the strange noises and beeping ghost hunting gadgets she'd already encountered with Jack, Sharon felt ready to take on one of the inn's most volatile entities, an angry and oppressive male spirit known for overtaking female guests.

To do this, Sharon would conduct a sensory deprivation experiment in room 308. This involved Sharon having her senses cutoff from external stimuli, using headphones and a blindfold, with the aim of heightening her other senses to help her pick up on paranormal activity.

Left alone in this notorious room, infamous for its oppressive male entity, Sharon sat in a chair in the dark, with just a cameraman to capture her experience.

The ordeal took a grim turn when Sharon's body went limp and her head drooped backwards. The panicked cameraman radioed the alarm to Jack, who was now elsewhere in the building. The cameraman told him, "she's in some kind of catatonic state." Rushing to his mother's side, Jack instructed his production team, "lights on! Now! Now!"

Finding his mother out cold and realising the severity of the situation, Jack urgently told his crew, "we need an ambulance, now!" Off camera, we hear the dramatic moment where Jack calls 911 for help, telling the dispatcher about the situation, "she's breathing, her airways are clear. She's got a slow pulse." After being unconscious for a shocking 20 minutes, Sharon was immediately taken to the hospital.

Later, reflecting on the episode, Sharon shared, "I was sat up on that bar stool and asked to put the headphones on. That's the last thing I remember." Subsequent medical evaluations came up empty. "Every test imaginable" was run, but doctors could not explain Sharon's terrifying collapse.

Over the course of the show's six-part season, Jack is joined by his father, the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, as well as his sister Kelly and friends like Jenny McCarthy, Jason Mewes, and Jamie Kennedy. Ozzy makes his appearance in the season finale, which also features a recovered Sharon. But, as for the incident at the Glen Tavern Inn, no one has yet been able to offer a plausible explanation, leaving the Osbournes intrigued.

'Jack Osbourne's Night Of Terror' premieres this Sunday, October 1 on the Travel Channel. The unsettling experience involving Sharon ensures that this will be a season opener you won't want to miss.

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