Help! My House Is Haunted: 'Freaky Farmhouse' - Series 5, Episode 12 Review

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Help! My House Is Haunted: 'Freaky Farmhouse'
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The 'Help! My House Is Haunted' Team Attempt To Free A Suffering Spirit From A Lincolnshire Home

In the 12th episode of 'Help! My House Is Haunted', titled 'Freaky Farmhouse', the paranormal investigation team embarks on a chilling journey to a converted 17th-century farmhouse, shrouded in mystery and unexplained occurrences. This episode, available now on Discovery+, starts with an on-screen caption indicating that the investigation takes place in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. However, this seems to be a mistake, as the setting, with its backdrop of seaside amusements, aligns more with areas near Skegness, as later confirmed by a local historian discussing the Norfolk and Lincolnshire coastline.

The team is called in by Robin, the homeowner, who shares her unsettling experiences since moving into the property with her fiancé, Richard. Robin tells us, "When we first viewed the property, we did just fall in love with it... But then, a couple of nights later, we were asleep, and there was an almighty bang. It was so loud it shook the whole house." Robin said that one of her worst experiences occurred while she was sitting watching TV one night, "Out of the corner of my eye, I just saw a hand try and grab my dressing gown."

En route, the team's psychic medium, Ian Lawman, shares his premonitions, feeling a 'tummy ache' which he interprets as possibly connected to a violent incident. He senses a link to the location, suggesting a possible connection to imprisonment or criminal activities.

Upon arrival, Ian embarks on a solo psychic sweep of the property without prior knowledge of the case. He senses movements and hears thumps, particularly around the bedroom area. Ian tells us, "The atmosphere inside really changes very quickly just stepping foot into the hallway." He then hears thumps from upstairs, feeling as if someone is walking around. In one room, he senses heavy footsteps and a strong connection to water, which he believes could energise the place. Ian also feels a sense of unease in a particular bedroom, correlating it with his earlier intuition about criminal elements.

Meanwhile, Barri Ghai meets Richard, who shares his own experiences of distinct footsteps and a discomforting presence in one of the bedrooms. He tells Barri, "Mostly what seems to happen in that property is noise." He goes on to say, "I sometimes get a feeling in one of the bedrooms, it feels as though I'm intruding." Richard also mentions previous owners witnessing a female apparition.

Jayne Harris, investigating the area's history, learns from historian Scott Brewster about the region's smuggling past. Scott reveals the area's past as a smuggling hotspot, with secluded landing places along the coast. He tells Jayne, "The whole coastline in Norfolk and Lincolnshire in the 18th and 19th century was actually a hotbed of smuggling." This revelation raises the possibility that the farmhouse the team is investigating might have been involved in these illicit activities.

After the team regroups with their findings, they attempt to delve deeper into the eerie occurrences at the 17th-century farmhouse. Their approach is to initiate a 'Spirit Triggers' experiment involving Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) sessions to communicate with the spirits. The homeowners, Robin and Richard, are invited to participate, hoping their familiar presence might encourage more spirited interactions.

Barri sets the tone for the EVP session, addressing any spirits in the home, "I'd like to speak to any spirits that are here in this home. Are there any spirits that are willing to speak with us?" In response, they discern a sound in Barri's recording, interpreted as a voice saying, "I'm here."

Robin then asks, "Is there anything you want to tell us? Do you want to talk to us?" The team hears a feminine voice in the recording, followed by a male voice seemingly affirming with a "yes" to Robin's question. Barri notes an aggressive tone in another part of the recording, speculating whether it's directed at Robin or is an interaction between the male and female spirits.

These interactions suggest the presence of both a female and a male spirit, with the latter's presence felt more strongly. Ian reflects on these findings, "So this could potentially be the man that I picked up on. So we need to know why he's here." He then reveals a name he's been sensing, "I'm quite reluctant to say this name because I don't know how relevant it is. But Sebastian." Ian is uncertain of its significance but feels compelled to share it due to its persistent recurrence in his thoughts.

The investigation then moves upstairs, focusing on a room where Richard feels particularly unwelcome. Here, Barri introduces an Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) device, the AliceBox, to convert environmental readings into spoken words. During this session, a voice through the device says "fight" and "against." The team then heads to the bathroom, a space Ian associates with a male presence. Barri suggests another EVP session: "I think we should just try one more EVP session in this room. I'd like to speak to the male spirit that is here. Can you please tell me your name? Do you want to fight me?" Following this, a strange sound is recorded.

After Robin and Richard leave for the night, the team prepares to embark on their main nightlong investigation, but first, Jayne calls in psychic artist Andy Moore to assist. Jayne hopes he'll be able to visualise the spirit affecting Ian, potentially named Sebastian. Andy sketches an aggressive-looking man with long hair, noting, "He's on the wrong side of the law. He keeps holding his side as well as his stomach." This depiction aligns with Ian's earlier premonitions en route to the farmhouse.

The investigation begins in the living room, where Barri places a REM-Pod near the fireplace, believed to be a hub of spiritual activity. As Barri mentions the disgruntled male spirit, the device beeps, which the team interprets as a response. Ian queries the spirit, "Is your name's Sebastien?" and receives another beep, seemingly confirming the name. He further inquires about a stomach injury, to which the REM-Pod responds affirmatively.

Barri hears noises from the previously empty upper floor and decides to investigate. When he hears footsteps again, Ian and Jayne join him upstairs. However, once all three are upstairs, Jayne notes that the noises suddenly cease, giving them the impression that the spirits might be playing tricks on them. This led Ian to suggest they try to learn more about the female spirit, suspecting she might have betrayed the male spirit, Sebastian.

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Help! My House Is Haunted: 'Freaky Farmhouse'

In the guest room, the team attempts to contact the female spirit using the EchoVox. Despite calling out to her, a male voice responds instead. Jayne decides to use traditional dowsing rods. Barri explains, "They follow spirit energy and will point to spirits if one is close by, as well as reacting to spirit instruction." As Jayne uses the dowsing rods, she addresses the female spirit, instructing her on how to communicate through the rods. To her amazement, the rods begin to move, pointing behind her, and one even spins rapidly like a propeller before stopping abruptly.

Moving to the master bedroom, the team uses a spirit box, through which they hear a female cry and a name that sounds like "Rachel." A male voice follows, interpreted as saying, "I'll kill her." The team deduces that this is Sebastian, targeting the female spirit Rachel, who they now believe betrayed him after they hear the word "snitch" through the spirit box. Jayne, questioning the use of the term "snitch" in the 18th century, checks its historical accuracy with a quick Google search on her phone. She confirms, "'Snitch' is absolutely the term that someone from the 18th century would use."

The investigation ends with Ian attempting to channel Sebastian, feeling a burning sensation in his stomach, which he interprets as a sign of being shot there. This confirmation of Sebastian's fate is the final piece of the puzzle, and the team shifts their focus to helping the spirits they've encountered, conducting a ritual to help them cross over. Barri leads a prayer, and they light a candle in their honour, hoping to bring peace to the troubled spirits.

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