Terrifying Ghost Of Screaming Child Capture In Photograph

January 21, 2017 11:38 AM ‐ ParanormalGhosts

In case you can't tell, that headline is loaded with sarcasm, the correct headline should be "photograph of a poorly lit room with something in it looks a bit like a face," but that's not really how the paranormal works.

Ghost Of Screaming Child
The photo was taken by a Katy Morritt, a 19-year-old, amateur, ghost hunter. During a trip to The Village in Mansfield, she snapped several photos of the interior of the building.

It was only the next morning that Katy was... let's say "horrified," to find she'd captured an image of creepy face in the background of one of the photos.

But who or what did this eerie face belong to? Well, that soon became clear when she reviewed the video recordings from the previous night. During the recording of a "table tipping" experiment the sound of a screaming child could be heard.

So without a doubt that means the face in the photo MUST be the face of a screaming child... despite the fact it's about 3 meters behind the human face in the shot but appears the same size as the human face, due to perspective, I'd expect a child's face to be a lot smaller... this child must have a face almost twice the size of a normal adult's.
Ghost Of Screaming Child Magnified

The creepy snap was taken in a building which dates back to 1802 and housed a former slaughter house and malt house.  In the 70's it became a nightclub called The Village, but today is an activity centre, home to of laser tag games and play areas.

The Village is said to be haunted by many different ghosts, including a group of monks, but on this occasion it's the story of a woman named Catherine who was murdered at The Village along with her child which seems to fit the particular "haunting."

According to Mansfield's local rag, the Mercury, Katy said she "believes the spirit child and his killer had been called forward when her and fellow ghost hunters [were] calling out to spooks." You've missed out the word "were" there, that's why you only write for a local paper I guess.

I have to admit the table tipping in the video above is a good example of how the exercise should work. Table tipping is an old Victorian parlour game of the same ilk as the ouija board.

Now, while I don't believe in ghosts, I love a good ghost story and love even more a bit of evidence that you look at and think "that's cool" and can't explain. This ghostly face however is one of the worst I have ever seen. It really takes a good imagination to see a face there in the first place, it's clearly either markings on a pillar, shadows or some other very explainable phenomenon.

I actually find it quite hard to believe that a 19-year-old girl has looked at this photo and jumped to the conclusion that it's the face of a murdered child.

Also, that "crying" sound in the video. If I played that sound to this team of ghost hunters out of context, do you think they'd really describe it as a child screaming? No, but because there are several other reports of people claiming to have heard the sounds of a baby crying in the lower rooms, that's the conclusion they jumped to.

If I heard a baby crying like I would burn it alive, at the very least seek medical help.

It sounds more like a parrot to me but I'd say it's pretty obvious it's some kind of alarm or buzzer probably from some kind of ghost detecting device... but then again, no one heard it on the night, so explain that!

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