'The Haunted Hunts: Cemeteries Of The Dead' Premieres April 27

April 18, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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The Haunted Hunts: Cemeteries Of The Dead
Danny Moss and his team return in a new six-part series, 'The Haunted Hunts: Cemeteries Of The Dead', which premieres on April 27 on Amazon Prime and the Haunted Hunts Extra.

It will follow Danny, along with Rebecca Salisbury-Moss, Emma Dawe, Charlie Rutter and Roxanne Rutter as they attempt to seek out paranormal activity at six locations with links to burials including Bishton Hall in Staffordshire which has its own pet cemetery, Norton Priory in Runcorn where 130 skeletons were found during an excavation, and Penrhyn Old Hall where dismembered body parts and skeletons have been found.

A recently revealed teaser trailer for the series gives fans of the team a taste of what's to come at the six new locations, which also include Walton Hall and Samlesbury Hall in Lancashire, and Merseyside's Mill Street Barracks. 

The dark and dramatic clip shows the team at some famous and not so well known locations across the UK, all of which have links to burial sites and all of which are claimed to be haunted.

In the trailer Danny says, "these locations that we are about to take on over the next few weeks are full of mystery, they are full of secrets and if we can uncover something that is only possible by investigating, it would just be an incredible moment for us."

As well as the new episodes, subscribers of the Haunted Hunts Extra will get access to behind the scenes footage from 'Cemeteries Of The' Dead', including a séance, which was filmed half way through the first investigation of the season.

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'The Haunted Hunts: Cemeteries Of The Dead' Episode Guide

Episode 1: Bishton Hall, Staffordshire

Bishton Hall, Staffordshire

Bishton Hall started its life in the 18th century as a family home, but later became one of the last few family owned and run prep schools in the country. It is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most haunted places in Staffordshire thanks to frequent reports of unexplained phantom footsteps, and disembodied voices.

Other unexplained happenings to occur in the hall include window shutters slamming on the upper floors, door knobs rattling and doors opening and closing themselves, sudden drops in temperature, the haunting sound of a woman screaming, as well as reports of people being touched and pushed.

There has also been sightings of dark mists, shadowy figures and even an apparition of a woman wearing period clothing who has often been seen looking out a window on the upper floor.

Episode 2: Norton Priory, Cheshire

Norton Priory, Runcorn

The Grade I listed remains of the priory in Runcorn are said to be one of the most haunted locations in the area. Most of the structure was demolished following the dissolution in 1536. All that remains today is the excavated ruins of the Church, cloister, chapter house and dormitory and latrines.

The remains of the abbey are said to be haunted by dark shadowy figures seen wandering the ground. Loud disembodied screams and female cries have been heard coming from the upper gallery, and a pale skull-like face has been witnessed in the undercroft - could this be connected to the 130 skeletons that were found during the site's excavation?

Episode 3: Walton Hall, Lancashire

Walton Hall, Warrington

The most common reports are of the sound of children crying, laughing and running around various parts of the host, most commonly on the stairs. It's said that a little girl died in this area and her ghost has seen been seen here, she's also said to have pushed visitors on the stairs.

Another of the house's ghosts that of Lady Daresbury, the wife of Sir Gilbert Greenall. It's believed that she died in the bathroom that adjoins her bedroom, and since then she has been haunting her rooms. The legend states that if she doesn't like you, you'll be sure to have an unpleasant experience, she might even try to push you out of her room.

Episode 4: Penrhyn Old Hall, Conwy

Penrhyn Old Hall, Conwy

The Old Hall is the oldest building in Penrhyn Bay dating back to the early 15th century and with tales of murder, dismembered body parts and skeletons, it's said to be ooze paranormal activity. The hall's most famous residents spooks are the ghost of a young girl who is said to have been murdered by her sisters for trying to marry outside the Catholic faith, and a phantom monk who has been reported roaming parts of the building. Other reports include a ghostly solider, the spirit of a bad-tempered man, the ghost of an elderly woman and mischievous child spirits.

Episode 5: Mill Street Barracks, Merseyside

Mill Street Barracks, Merseyside

The barracks saw active service during both world wars and soldiers were stationed there for months before being deployed to the frontline, many never returning home to their loved ones. After WWI it was used as an isolation unit for tuberculosis patients, housing men, women and children as they struggled with the terminal disease. During the German bombing raids over industrial cities in Northern England during WWII, the cellar of the barracks was used as a mortuary for fallen citizens and soldiers, holding hundreds of bodies for weeks as they awaited burial.

The barracks is said to be home to plenty of paranormal activity, most notably the ghost of a former caretaker's dog, called Bruce. The building's largest room is the drill hall, where visitors report phantom footsteps, marching and disembodied voices. Tables and chairs move on their own and shouts echo through the empty building. In the basement, many people have reported feeling a strong negative presence in the dark back rooms and the apparition of a woman known as Claire has been seen.

Episode 6: Samlesbury Hall, Lancashire

Samlesbury Hall, Preston

Samlesbury Hall in Preston was rebuilt and is now a museum showcasing the rich history it holds. Its original features date back to 1384 and the building is said to have been the place of a Priest's untimely death. Ever since that day, a mysterious blood stain appears on the floor of the room where he died.

If you can't wait until the end of spring for 'Cemeteries Of The Dead' then you can re-watch all episodes on Amazon Prime now.

You can check out our complete episode guide here, or watch the full series of 'The Haunted Hunts: Project Invocation' on Amazon Prime now or on the show's official Patreon stream, The Haunted Hunts Extra.

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