'The House In Between: Part Two': Steve Gonsalves Returns To Help Alice Get Home

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The House In Between: Part Two
Photo: © Robot Ninja Media
'The House In Between: Part Two', the follow up to Steve Gonsalves, and Kendall Whelpton's 2020 paranormal documentary is available to stream internationally now.

The film from Robot Ninja Media sees Steve and his team trying help terrified homeowner, Alice Jackson, face her fears so she can move back into her infamous haunted home. 'The House In Between: Part Two' is available to watch now on Vimeo.

In 2020 the world-renowned paranormal investigator, Steve Gonsalves, and filmmaker, Kendall Whelpton, brought fans of the paranormal a documentary that focussed on one of the most thorough paranormal investigations ever documented.
The House In Between: Part Two
Photo: © Robot Ninja Media

Due to the haunting of her unassuming house in Florence, Mississippi, Alice will not sleep in her home. Instead of selling the property, she turned the keys over to paranormal investigators for answers.

This time around, Steve, who is best known for his appearances in 'Ghost Hunters' and 'Ghost Nation', is helping Alice confront her fears. Steve said, "if we can get Alice Jackson to a point that she feels comfortable staying in the home overnight again, we have made real progress here."

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Like the original documentary, its sequel breaks from the mould of paranormal reality shows and YouTube series, which rely on the same old methods shot in monotone night vision. Instead, 'The House In Between: Part Two' is beautifully shot in full colour using cinematic 4K cameras. It's director by Steve and Kendall and edited by Vera Whelpton, making her debut as the first full film she has edited and serving as executive producer.

In the first film we meet Alice, who had been experiencing such unsettling and profound paranormal activity in her home for over a decade, that she was too afraid to spend a night in the house alone. It chronicled the help offered to Alice by a team of local paranormal investigators, lead by John Bullard and Brad Cooney, who return for the sequel. They captured a string of fascinating activity on camera as part of their countless investigations in the rural property.

The team witnessed objects moving, lights turning themselves off, unexplained noises and voices, doors opening on their own, and even a baseball that had been placed on the stairs as a "trigger object" rolled down the stairs for seemingly no reason.
The House In Between: Part Two
Photo: © Robot Ninja Media

Since the team wrapped up production at the house in 2020, Alice's home has continued to be investigated, researched, and documented by John and Brad, who gathered more evidence and experiences that are presented in part two.

Kendall said, "after the final stages of production on 'The House In Between: Part One', we knew that we were going to need to do part two, because the paranormal activity continued to be captured. We also hoped to get scientists out to the house to provide rational answers for Alice, so she could claim back her home."

The reality is that ghostly activity doesn't come thick and fast on a ghost hunt, and it's all about patience and waiting for incidents to happen. While most paranormal investigators would understand this, some viewers criticised the first film for a lack of evidence, but more evidence is presented in the first 15 minutes of this instalment than in the whole of the original documentary.

This time around the team call in paranormal researcher, Dustin Pari, and investigator and electrical engineer, Elizabeth Saint Robert to assist with their research. Plus psychic medium Jill Morris returns. She previously had an uncanny premonition relating to the property, and made same pretty robust claims that the team were able to validate. This time she collaborates with fellow psychic, Sam Baltrusis, who makes an emotional discovery while at the house.
The House In Between: Part Two
Photo: © Robot Ninja Media

The land the house stands on was revealed to be a key part of the haunting in the earlier movie, so a lot of the focus in part two is on the land around the house. The team use ground-penetrating radar, call in the help of geophysicist Carolyn Streiff, and even excavate the garden in search of the presence of unmarked graves.

'The House In Between: Part Two' is available to watch worldwide on Vimeo. It can also be streamed on demand on in the United States on all major streaming platforms, including Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU and Google Play.

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