Zak Bagans Speaks To Fans During His Coronavirus Lockdown

April 05, 2020 6:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Zak Bagans Coronavirus Update
Zak Banags has posted a message online reassuring fans of the paranormal that we can all get through the COVID-19 lockdown together, and encouraged people to make others laugh in these difficult times.

He also spoke about how he's doing his bit to beat the "evil entity" that is the coronavirus and thanked frontline medical workers for the efforts.
Speaking about the worldwide virus crisis from his home, the television ghost hunter and star of the long-running US paranormal show 'Ghost Adventures' told fans, "typically when I hear the word 'lockdown' I'm preparing to get locked in some building facing some bad, evil spirits." However things have changed, not just for Zak, but for the rest of the world.

He added, "I am on lockdown, I am in my house, I've been avoiding everybody, doing social distancing, and I'm doing my part to beat another different evil entity, which is the coronavirus." At a time when it's easy to feel alone and isolated, Zak told fans, "think of this as if we're all doing a lockdown together, and we're all fighting this together."

Although times are tough at the moment, Zak reassured fans that by working together we can get through this. He said, "I know there's a lot of anxiety, there's a lot of fear, there's a lot of depression right now, but we are going to pull through." He went on to remind us that the best way to ensure our lives get back to normal sooner is to keep following the official advice and practice social distancing.

He added, "stay home, don't go out. You have to remember that we can affect other people and even though you might not have the worst symptoms, you could be infecting somebody who's going to react to it differently and more severely."

Zak then spoke directly to frontline medical workers, "I wanna send a message to all of our health care workers, our doctors, our nurses, everybody, that is working on the frontlines of this." He told them "thank you so much for what you're doing."

Zak also shared a few tips on how to deal with being stuck at home, "be creative, do some writing, do some artwork," but his top tip to ease the current situation was to spread some cheer. He said, "it's important to make your friends laugh. Make your families laugh. Send them stupid videos and memes." Zak admitted that he and his Travel Channel co-stars, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley, had been sending uplifting clips to one another during lockdown.

The celebrity ghost hunter ended his message to fans by saying, "stay safe everybody, I'm thinking about you all. Stay connected on social media if you're getting lonely out there. I'm reading your messages."

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