How To See Santa Claus On Christmas Eve

December 07, 2017 4:10 PM


Everybody knows that on Christmas Eve Santa starts his journey to deliver gifts to boy and girls around the world. I'm sure you've received presents from him in the past yourself, but have you ever stayed awake to try and see him? This can actually be pretty hard to do and in this video I'll show you why.

Using ultra sensitive cameras and with access to high-tech military grade satellite tracking, I've finally found out exactly how Santa delivers all those presents and why he's so hard to spot.

On Christmas morning children in millions of homes around the world will wake up to find presents under their Christmas tree. Millions of gifts, all delivered by hand by one man… Santa Claus.

How does one man make it so many houses in just one night? Well, he uses magic of course which allows him to move faster than the eye can see, which is why so few people ever report seeing Santa.

His magical reindeers play a big part in this, they pull his sleigh backwards around the world at super sonic speeds, close to the speed of light. This actually makes time slow down for Santa which is how he has time to go to so many house in one night.

This gives Santa time to get ready for the big night. First he puts on his bright red uniform, and like all people who secretly sneak into houses at night, this includes a pair of gloves to avoid leaving festive fingerprints.

He then reviews his naughty and nice lists, wraps all of the presents, and packs them up on to his sleigh ready for his journey.

Because time is running slower for Santa, he can travel around the world, entering every single home via the chimney or using his magical lock pick and leave the presents by the tree. Although time is running slow for Santa, for us all of this seems to happen in a flash. Just take a look at this hidden camera footage.

At first it looks like the presents just appear, but look what happens when we slow the footage down 1000 times. Did you see that red blur? That's Santa speeding around the house leaving gifts.

If we look at the video frame by frame, we can clearly see Santa in action.

It's best not to try this yourself, if Santa catches you out of bed or spying on him, there's a chance you might not get any Christmas presents at all and could end up on the naughty list for life.


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