What Happens If You Touch The Elf On The Shelf

December 19, 2017 4:03 PM
For a few weeks now, I've been trying to catch my Elf on the Shelf moving on camera, in doing so I had to touch the Elf. Of course we all know that if you touch your Elf the magic goes.

Well, it seems if you anger him, he turns evil. I tried to make my elf move with electricity, but I don't think he liked it and after he became very mischievous. In this video are some of the pranks he played which I managed to catch on camera.

First off I heard a noise coming from a pot in the kitchen, I opened it up and he threw pasta everywhere. A few hours later I heard a noise coming from another room and found the elf hanging from a light fitting. He then unscrewed the bulb and left me in darkness.

Then it wasn't long before I caught him rummaging around in my clothes hamper and he made such a mess throwing clothes around. Then he decided to hide in my boot and bit my foot when I put them on, which really hurt.

Then he tried to ruin Christmas by ripping open the Christmas presents under the tree. I did find one way to stop him, I put him in the freezer over night and hoped that by the time he thaws out he will have calmed down.

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