Clearwell Caves' Hauntings

February 13, 2020
Clearwell Caves

Coleford, Gloucestershire

Clearwell Caves are natural caves, but they were worked as mines for iron ore for many hundreds of years before records commenced in 1841. The caves are now a tourist attraction, allowing visitors to walk through a large section of workings referred to as "the old men's workings."

In the early 1900's, deep reserves of ore lay close to the water level, but these were becoming expensive to mine, and the price of iron ore was falling. Miners began to scour the old men's workings, searching for odd patches of easily accessible ore that the miners of old were unable to mine with their primitive tools and methods.

There have been many mysterious sightings of an old miner underground here, the miners knew him as "th'old mon."

In 1973, while filming for a television series called 'The Jensen Code,' technicians needed to take electrical cables deeper into the mine to power their cameras and lights. It turned out that they did not have enough cable to reach the place they wanted. Their difficulty was miraculously overcome however, when an old miner appeared and suggested a more difficult but shorter route for the cables, this alternative route proved ideal. The technicians went to thank the old fellow, but he had gone; no one knew who he was. Visitors walking through the mine today have reported feeling as if someone is watching them.

Clearwell Caves Map

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