The National Museum Of Wales - Haunted History

The National Museum of Wales

Cardiff, Glamorgan

The museum and art gallery was founded in 1905 but shared a building with Cardiff Library until its dedicated, present home was completed in Cathays Park in 1922. The museum houses collections of archaeology, botany, fine and applied art, geology and zoology.

As well as the 7.5 million items and exhibits stored within the museum, the building is also home to two ghosts.

The first of the two ghosts is the spirit of the Unionist MP Lord Ninian Edward Crichton-Stuart, his statue stands in Gorsedd Gardens. Lord Ninian tragically died in action during the Great War in 1915. Visitors to the museum claim to have felt his presence around the statue, usually on election nights.

The second ghost that frequents the museum is Arnold Dunbar Smith, an architect who designed the building along with Cecil Brewer. Following Smith's death in 1933, the museum inherited his ashes and they were placed on display in the museum until a few years later when they were moved to make way for new public toilets.

It's believed these renovations and the relocation of his ashes angered Smith and he now haunts the corridors of the museum at night. The haunting has been described as poltergeist-like with reports of furniture and other objects moving.

In the 1960s a paranormal investigator claimed to have made contact with Smith's spirit in the museum's basement, Smith reportedly said "the wrong place," which can only refer to the fact that his ashes were moved.

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