2016 Dead Celebrities Ouija Board

February 06, 2017 8:12 AM ‐ ParanormalGames

In 2016 the world lost some incredibly talented celebrities. If you're missing any of those celebs then you could try contacting them using my celebrity ouija board.

Whether you miss the music George Michael,David Bowie or Prince, or the comedy genius of Andrew Sachs, Victoria Wood, Ronnie Corbett or Frank Kelly then this talking board will give you a chance to ask them a question in the spirit world.

Other celebrities who may comes through on this special ouija board, which is tuned to the spirits of celebrities who passed in 2016, include Carrie Fisher, Leonard Cohen, Pete Burns, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, Paul Daniels, Terry Wogan and Alan Rickman.

Who Will You Make Contact With?


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