Show B.o.B The Curve: Rapper Asks Fans To Help Him Prove The Earth Is Flat

September 27, 2017 6:00 AM

This article is more than six years old and was last updated in September 2020.

The rapper B.o.B wants to send a satellite into orbit to find out once and for all whether the Earth is round or flat and he's asking his fans to help fund the project.

As no one has heard from US rapper B.o.B for a few years, it seems he had to do something to grab the attention of the world's press once again and last year he did just that when he declared loud and proud that he's a firm believer that the Earth is flat.

B.o.B, who's real name is Bobby Ray Simmons Jr shared his views on Twitter, "no matter how high in elevation you are... the horizon is always eye level... sorry cadets... I didn't wanna believe it either."

The 28-year-old musician went on to say, "don't believe what I say, research what I say. I'm going up against the greatest liars in history... you've been tremendously deceived."

Ever since he's been an outspoken advocate in the flat Earth theory, despite mass ridicule from the scientific community and 4th graders. Now B.o.B wants to prove that the Earth is flat by launching his own satellite into space to photograph the horizon and try to capture the curve of the Earth, or lack of.

The Atlanta-based rapper has set up a crowd funding campaign to get his project off of the ground and so far he has a few backers. Of course anyone with an ounce of sense knows that without a round planet, it's not even possible to launch a satellite into orbit, and if B.o.B manages to raise the required funds to launch his satellite he'll soon see the round sphere that is Earth for himself.

In the video to support the campaign, "Flat Earth Bob" as he now seems to be known, says "I'd like to send one, if not multiple satellites as far into space as I can, or as far into orbit as I can to find the curve."

The irony of sending something "into orbit" around a flat planet seems to have completely gone over B.o.B's head, just like every science lesson the rapper attended as a kid. But what he's lacking in knowledge, he's made up for in cold hard cash, he's donated $1,000 of his own money to get the campaign started.

I'm in two minds whether this is a good idea or not. From one point of view B.o.B's massively ill-informed and anti-scientific opinions on the nature of our planet our dangerous and counter productive, especially when he's preaching them to a young, impressionable audience. So, for him to launch a satellite and prove once and for all that Earth is round would be a good things.

On the other hands, B.o.B is aiming to raises $1 million, that money could be put to better use by a charity or to educate kids about space and real proven science, rather than to fund a project to prove that the world is round, something we've known for centuries.

As well as B.o.B's initial grand, there have been other backers, it seems a lot of the people who've put forwards funds are doing so because they feel that if they can help B.o.B find the curve, it might finally end the ridiculous conspiracy theory being propagated by flat Earthers.

Some of the comments on the Go Fund Me page sum this up...

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"I'll donate $1000 if you can tell me what that curved shadow is on a crescent moon?"
"Tell you what if you can explain to me why the sun sets faster at the equator than it does in Alaska I will donate."
"I know the earth is round, but am willing to donate for educational purposes."
Professor Brian Cox, who's previously branded flat Earthers "idiots" says he backs B.o.B's ambitious plan. Cox has previously said "it's very difficult to argue with an idiot." During an interview he was asked about the rise in believers of the flat Earth theory, the physicist said "I don't think you can change the opinion of people who are just ridiculous."

After B.o.B announced his crowd funding campaign, Professor Cox tweeted "I support this initiative! If you don't believe something, don't bang on about it on Twitter from your parents' basement. Do an experiment."

If you're not convinced about donating your hard earned cash to B.o.B's cause, then here's a few points which should help you to realise the obvious truth that Earth is round:

  1. The Earth's shadow on the surface of the moon is round during a lunar eclipse.
  2. We can observe ships going over the horizon.
  3. Star constellations look different from different points on Earth.
  4. You can see further into the distance the higher you get.
  5. We can observe how a spherical Earth gives us day and night.
  6. We can observe how our tilted angle relative to the sun gives us seasons.
  7. You can't see China from the west coast of the US no matter how good a telescope you have.
  8. Yet we can use telescopes to see other planets which are round.
  9. We've circumnavigated Earth.
  10. We've seen Earth from space and it's round.

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