The Most Boring Online Quiz In The World - How Boring Are You?

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By Gareth Bellamy
February 12, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ GamesLong Reads

Can you get all your way through our quiz? Do you have a boring personality? Find out how boring you really are. We've used science to determine the most boring questions in existence, can you put your powers of concentration to the test and answer all 100 and find out if you're the most boring person you know?

1. Which country is the world's second largest producer of Vanadium?

2. How many branches of B&Q are there in Lincolnshire? (As of January 2018)

3. What is the atomic number of Bismuth?

4. The ISO standard 5912:2011 refers to what?

5. What is the Eastenders episode number which was the last appearance of the character Pete Beale?

6. What is the size of the on-chip, level 1 cache on the Intel 486 microprocessor?

7. On a Swiss number plate, what two letter code indicates the car was registered in the canton of Thurgau?

8. From the census of 2010, what is the population of the Brazilian state of Amazonas?

9. Which is the correct quote, spoken by the Prince of Morocco, in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice?

10. What did actor and director Kenneth Branagh's father do for a living?

That's ten questions down, there's a long way to go but you can do it. Beat the boredom!

11. What is the height, in mm, of a first-generation Skoda Octavia Estate?

12. Approximately how many calories are there in 100 grams of boiled turnips?

13. What percentage of the British prison population in December 2016 was aged between 21-24?

14. How many times is the word 'dude' used in the film The Big Lebowski?

15. What is the area occupied by the county of Somerset in kilometres squared?

16. Which actor played the part of Gold Leader in the Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope?

17. Which of the following locations wasn't used during production of the film Brokeback Mountain, 2005?

18. The war between Colombia and Peru, also known as the Leticia War, finished on what date?

19. Does a Pret Ham & Cheese sandwich contain celery?

20. Which band was the first to perform on all seven continents?

Are you still awake? That's 20% of the quiz done, grab a coffee and keep on clicking...

21. On the Vango Iris 500 family tent, what is the hydrostatic head measurement for the Protex 70D polyester flysheet?

22. Who was the Third Assistant Director on the 1997 film Good Will Hunting?

23. Which country is the world's largest importer of liquid petroleum gas?

24. How many service stations are there on the M6 motorway?

25. What is the 7th tallest mountain in Norway?

26. According to the Ofsted report of 2014, how many pupils attended Meden secondary school in Nottingham?

27. The borough of Bedford was awarded charter status by which King?

28. Which British car was launched on 1 March 1983?

29. When cutting MDF, what is the long term, time weighted average allowed within the Workplace Exposure Limit for exposure to fomaldehyde as found in the air when cutting MDF?

30. What year was Bird's custard invented?

Honestly, this does end. Stay strong...

31. Who is the taller, TV quizmaster Richard Osman, or his brother, Suede guitarist Mat Osman?


32. What is the third best selling Steps album? (Studio album, not compilation)

33. What colour is Dulux Vintage Chandalier?

34. According to Google maps, what is the distance between Loughborough and Rushden using the M1 and A14?

35. What is the typical amount of fat found in one single Waitrose 'Rich & Chocolatey Mini Brownie Bite'?

36. What year was the British Standards kite mark registered?

37. Monday to Friday, what time is the first bus on the 185 bus route supposed to leave Lewisham Bus Station heading for Victoria train station?

38. In the King James version of The Bible, how many times is the word wisdom mentioned?

39. What is the main customer service number for Aldi supermarkets in the UK?

40. What colour eyes does Welsh TV newsreader and journalist Huw Edwards have?

Have you really got nothing better to do? Keep going, you're making quite a dent in this very very boring game.

41. In Moh's hardness scale, a geological test which measures the resistance of a mineral to being scratched by ten reference minerals, what mineral is used for the hardness level '6'?

42. Within the agreed European Union standard for egg size and weight, what is the minimum mass of an egg to be classed as 'medium'?

43. How long did the world's longest handshake go on for?

44. What year did RAF Hornchurch, a former RAF fighter base based near Romford in East London, close?

45. What is the cutting width of the Mountfield HP414 lawnmower?

46. When referring to fabric such as sheets, what word is sued to denote threads woven horizontally?

47. Paul Nash, a British war artist during the First World War, painted Wire in 1919. What was the painting originally titled?

48. What is the postcode district of Swanage in Dorset?

49. What was number one in the UK singles chart for the week of 31 March 1974?

50. On average, how many days of rain are there during October in the French city of Perpignan?

You've made it to the halfway mark, you really can do this! Keep on answering...

51. According to the Oxford University Press, what is the 58th most popular word in the English language?

52. What is the name of the constitution which established the Bulgarian National Assembly?

53. Which version of Microsoft Excel was included with Microsoft Office XP?

54. What is the OS grid reference for Huddersfield in West Yorkshire?

55. How many threads per inch are there in the casing layer of a Continental GatorSkin Road Wire Bead tyre?

56. In the 1928 FA Cup who did Huddersfield Town beat in Round 4?

57. According to the CIA World Fact Book, what is the infant mortality rate of Portugal?

58. Which Suffolk town was popular tunesmith Ed Sheeran raised in?

59. Bubblewrap was first designed to be used as wallpaper?

60. What is the name of the scientist who discovered the process used to create Nescafe, instant coffee, in 1938?

If you think answering these question is boring, you should try researching and writing them!

61. In hot air balloons, how much lift would be generated from 2831.7m3 of dry air heated to 99 degrees centigrade?

62. What is the 14th word on the 210th page of the 2008 Granta published paperback of Robert MacFarlane's 'The Wild Places'?

63. What is the ninth most popular phrase shared on LinkedIn according to a survey from the third quarter of 2016?

64. What is the minimum amount of chromium by mass allowed to classify steel as stainless steel?

65. How should penicillin G be administered?

66. Where was the comedian Hugh Dennis born?

67. What is the latin name for the common European daisy?

68. How many official long distance footpaths, known as long distance trails, are there in England?

69. What is the primary ingredient of Schwartz Perfect Shake Spicy Season All Seasoning?

70. Which member of the Brett Domino trio left the band in 2009?

You've wasted so much of your life on this now that you may as well see it through until the end.

71. What size does a Brompton bike fold down to?

72. According to a 2009 statistical estimate, what percentage of the population of Cambridge are classified as British Asian?

73. Does the Cambridge Audio TOPAZ AM5 amplifier include a front or rear mounted 3.5mm audio socket?

74. How much does the IKEA YPPERLIG magazine stand weigh?

75. Modern web browsers support 140 different colours by name. What is the hexadecimal code for the colour Lightgoldenrodyellow?

76. When was Nick Clegg born?

77. The Northamptonshire town of Higham Ferrers is twinned with which European town?

78. The longest continuous speech on record in the UK Houses of Parliament was given on the 7th February 1828 by Henry Peter Brougham. What as the subject of his speech?

79. When was the date that the highest ever air pressure in Belgium was recorded?

80. What month and year was Songs of Praise first broadcast on BBC TV?

I bet you're regretting ever stating this now aren't you.

81. Who was the voice of Zelda in Gerry Anderson 1980s puppet show Terrahawks?

82. What is the average age for a man to get married in Bulgaria as of 2014?

Ghostbusters cast

83. Which of these drinks is not mentioned in the 1984 movie Ghostbusters?

84. The Ace Of Base single, 'All That She Wants' featured on which of the band's albums?

85. According to McDonald's UK menu, how many calories are there in a Big Tasty with Bacon?

86. How many of 236 episodes of the sitcom Friends did Gunther appear in?

87. How many junctions are there between Merthyr Tydfil (A470) and Port Talbot (A48) on the M4 motorway in South Wales?

88. DJ Dado got to no. 2 in the chart with his remix of the 'X-Files' theme tune in 1996, but what was his real name?

89. What is the elevation of the Ineu Peak in Romania's Rodna Mountains?

90. What was the circulation of Now magazine between July and December 2015?

You are sooooo close now, just ten questions to go...

91. Who was the chairman of Asheville City Soccer Club in North Carolina as of the 2017 season?

92. Who was the runner-up in the 2006 series of 'American Idol?'

93. How many silver medals did Singapore win at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing?

94. How many miles by rail from Charing Cross station in central London is the town of Croydon?

95. In which year did the 2009 British series 'Rivers with Griff Rhys Jones' first air on television in Australia?

96. How long is the Otter Hole cave network, located on the Wales–England border near Chepstow?

97. What nickname is given to the Queensland Raceway motor racing circuit at Ipswich, Queensland?

98. In what year was Berlin's most successful volleyball team the Berlin Recycling Volleys founded?

99. With a magnitude of 8.2, the most powerful earthquake of 1968 took place off the coast of which country?

100. The Corporation Street Bridge in Manchester is a pedestrian skyway which links the Manchester Arndale shopping centre to which retailer?


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