Chris Fleming's 10 Favourite Supernatural Movies For Halloween

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Chris Flemming's 10 Favourite Horror Movies
Real-life paranormal investigator and psychic medium, Chris Fleming, shares his list of ten must-see supernatural horror films that should be included on every Halloween movie marathon. Find out why Chris, star of 'Spooked Scotland' rates these ten classic movies.

Chris said, "it's not easy finding top ten films when there are so many to choose from. There are some films I had to leave out such as the 'Changeling', 'Strangers', 'The Witch', and few others I am probably forgetting."

The television medium said that the films he listed weren't just picked for their entertainment value, "these films I did list have some real special supernatural moments and meaning to me, partly due to what I experienced or was going through at the time, or how it reflected what I feel or know about the paranormal. Each one holds its own merit."

Find out why Chris picked has to say about the ten movies he picked and what makes them so special to him below...

10. The Others

The Others

I was blown away by the twist at the end. The ending, made the film worthwhile. It was a bit slow paced, but the payoff took it to a whole new level. A family tormented by strange occurrences and their limited perspective of the unknown takes us along their journey to find the truth. What they find, is not what we suspect.

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9. The Haunting (1963)

The Haunting 1963

The unsettling pace as things happen drove me to enjoy this old film. It's as if Alfred HItchock made a haunted movie with the bumps in the night. The synopsis- Hill House has stood for about 90 years and appears haunted: its inhabitants have always met strange, tragic ends. Now Dr. John Markway has assembled a team of people who he thinks will prove whether or not the house is haunted.

8. The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense

If you haven’t seen this film, it's a must. Boy sees ghosts, too afraid to tell anyone and learns how to use his abilities while uncovering something shocking. I saw this film in the theaters with my mom. Needless to say, we had a lot to talk about after. Her precognitive abilities, us growing up in a house full of ghosts and my ESP as a child, brought us to watch this film. Great performances by the actors to draw us into their supernatural world and mystery. "I see dead people!" all time great line from the film.

7. Poltergeist


Great elements in this movie made it an instant classic. The ghosts coming down the stairs got me. I remember saying to my friend at the theater... that is what they sometimes look like! Not much more to say, it's all there as this film had portals, ghosts, evil spirits, hauntings, moving objects, and spirits crossing over. Over dramatized here and there as Hollywood does, but extremely entertaining. When it comes to this film, "They’re here!" is one of the most used and talked about lines in supernatural film history.

6. Army Of Darkness

Army Of Darkness

I had to throw this in there, while this being pure fiction and dark comedy, it still remains as one of my favorite fun supernatural horror comedy movies of all time. Ash and his one liners and the time period all coming together to battle these dark forces and zombies makes it a fun filled alpha drenched epic! I met Bruce Campbell months before it came out at a Fangoria Convention and went to opening night with friends to a packed theater. The crowd was rowdy as hell, and jumped out of their seats during some scenes making this movie that more exciting. To date this is still the most fun I have ver had at a movie theater. I have probably watched this movie 20X or more, purchasing various versions of the film to watch the deleted scenes and alternative endings. This film was originally going to be called Mid-Evil Dead to go along with the Evil Dead Series, but they chose Army of Darkness. Good choice!

5. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

What happened while watching this film, freaked out more than the film itself. I watched this film on my laptop, laying in bed at a hotel, while filming Dead Famous. It's loosely based on a true story involving the story of Anneliese Michel. This court room drama has some fine moments. The thing that got me was as I watched this I didn’t feel alone. I kept feeling uneasy and getting up to check the room. A loud bang occurred on my door, as if someone punched it really hard, so I got up and checked. WTH? No one there. No biggie could have been someone in the hall or one of the crew members messing around. I sat back down and continued watching, but then an object I had on the table fell off onto the floor. Okay, strike two! Half hour later, while back watching the film I saw a black mass shoot across the room over me and the laptop. Felt pressure change and then I started hearing voices. We are now past strike three! Was it my fear? No, I suspect that my consciousness honing in on this film, demonic possession, etc opened up some link, to what I was doing at the time, investigating haunted locations, celebrities deaths, coming in contact with evil spirits, etc. It brought something forward to try and scare me. Possibly the demon or demons that did possess this girl in real life or something pretending to be. Since they most likely still exist, and are aware of projective thought. What I was thinking of the time, "was this the devil? Was this a specific demon? Where is this demon now? It came forward, either by following me home or showing up at that time. I have learned, they do follow us, do watch us and know what we are thinking. The fear? It worked. I stopped watching the film half way, opened up the drawers looking for a bible. There wasn’t one. Surprised, I called the front desk, they brought one up for me stating there should have been one in the drawer by they bed.

I opened the Gideons bible once received and stated some prayers. I then tried to sleep, but couldn't so I had to sleep with a light on, due to seeing shadows move across the room and hearing voices. I believe it had to do with things following me back to the hotel and what was on my mind while watching the film, manifesting their forms around me. Drawing them in. Having conversed this experience with others years later, I came to the conclusion that consciousness projects our thoughts and can in fact connect with other forces, either good or bad. It's called non-locality. These forces read what I was thinking and messed with me. They want to know our fear. The film did not cause this, my questioning, my past fear, reflecting back to my own personal demonic experiences from childhood during the setting of watching this film, opened the door allowing them in. As well as things that were to come years later, was all part of their agenda. The next day I told the crew about what happened. I was able to finish the movie a few days later with no issues. This experience attached to the viewing of this film, makes it one of the most intrusive viewings of a supernatural film I have ever experienced. We need to be careful what we think, and when we think it. With all fear aside, I truly enjoyed this film. I may need to watch this again soon.

4. The Entity

The Entity

One of the greatest films, based on a true story, involving a dark evil attachment I have ever seen. Must watch! While a bit outdated, and way overdramatized at the end of the film, this classic reminds us how some of the most drastic cases of demonic influence can destroy a family and send people into fear. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Barry Taff, on numerous occasions, who was one of the original investigators of this case in the early 70s. We spoke about it on one of my Spirit Talk podcasts years ago. They need to remake this film with todays technology and deep dive more into the science of what the investigators were trying to find and what they believe it was they came in contact with.

3. Damien: Omen II

Damien: Omen II

A year or two before this there were demonic encounters in our house. My mom was reading the paper back book, which I picked up and read and then eventually saw the film. It freaked me out so much, I had my father check my scalp to make sure I had no 666 numbers on my head. He said it didn't say 666, but said 665. Not funny I told him, as he thought he would mess with me. I wanted to know as much as I could about the devil and demons to try and make sense of what we were experiencing in our home. This movie scared me so much due to the Omens and bad luck that were befalling people in the film. I questioned if the bad luck and curses we were having were because we were cursed. As strange things had been going on for years. The creepiness of the child, music and dark shot scenes as well as the boy falling into the ice stayed with me for many years. Yes, I knew the film wasn't real, but living through evil events, having unexplained things occur and seeing dark entities and then this film coming out. I was hoping to learn something from it. In my memories, I still see the paperback sitting on my bed and my father combing through my hair. Then seeing this film at the theater with my best friend. Needless to say we were spooked every time we saw a crow and I still am. Filming 'Help!' we had crows following us a lot during season one and into season two. These scenes never made it into the show. I do feel Crows can be watchers, messengers and sometimes omens.

2. Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

There was something about this monster horror movie that actually creeped the hell out of me. It reminded me a bit of the original Halloween movie and Jason in Friday the 13th, but this flying demonic creature and that "what if?" scenario kept popping in my head. A great monster demon horror movie in my opinion, that had some original twists. When it was driving in the van, and throwing bodies around in the daylight. Damn, that was freaky as hell. First time I jumped in my seat from a movie in a very long time.

1. The Exorcist

The Exorcist

This classic scared the hell out of me as a kid, sure the demonic possessions scenes with Regan were scary as hell, and the haunting music, but imagine the power going out while watching this for the first time?

I was watching it at home alone, yes during a storm (not very bright), when the power went out and I began hearing noises coming from up stairs. I crawled into a corner and waited until my mom got home with my sister. Being our house was haunted at the time, watching this movie and power going out to complete darkness for over an hour didn't help. It was easy to be on edge of anxiety in our house at this time, when in the past ghostly and demonic things came out of the walls at night. Being in the darkness, I didn't know what to expect. My mom chewed me out when she got home, when I told her what happened. "Why would you watch the movie alone?"
Note to self, don't watch this movie alone!


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