'Darkness In Suburbia': Sean Austin & Shane Pittman Reveal Trailer For New Paranormal Docu-Series

July 25, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevision
Darkness In Suburbia
Sean Austin and Shane Pittman have dropped a trailer for their new paranormal project. The docu-series 'Darkness In Suburbia' will stream exclusively on ScareNetwork.tv in August.

Sean and Shane, who appeared in the Netflix paranormal hit '28 Days Haunted' last Halloween, have this time teamed up with fellow investigators Josh Purvis, Chris Mendace, Eric Conner, and Johnny Hickey as they attempt to unravel a unique supernatural mystery.

You can watch the full three-minute trailer below, ahead of the series release in late August 2023...

The series sees the team head to a New Jersey neighbourhood development built in 2020, where multiple homes have reported experiencing paranormal activity. The paranormal researchers investigate the claims to try and uncover what's causing the strange phenomena on a wide scale.

In the trailer, Sean says, "this is like the movie 'Poltergeist', but we're not just talking about one house built on a cemetery, we're saying the whole neighbourhood is built on that same principle and there's stuff going on everywhere."

Shane added, "I've investigated a lot of different places, been on a lot of different cases, and the fact that this entire neighbourhood is experiencing things is extremely rare."

Directed by Billy Lewis, 'Darkness In Suburbia' will be the first paranormal docu-series released on the newly revamped ScareNetwork.tv platform, which now offers fans of the paranormal a huge selection of ad-supported paranormal shows completely free. Viewers can also show their support for the show's creators by subscribing and watching ad-free.

Sean said, "This is super exciting to make our exclusive scary content accessible to all of you without the hassle of stacking up more monthly payments from multiple streaming options."

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