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On Halloween night 1992, BBC One broadcasted a unique investigation into the supernatural with presenters Sarah Greene and Craig Charles out on location at a haunted house in London, while veteran broadcaster Michael Parkinson tried to hold things together in the studio as poltergeist activity at the house escalated.

The show ended with Sarah being pulled into a cupboard by the resident ghost, nicknamed "Pipes", and Parky wandered around the studio seemingly possessed as the transmission end.

While some viewers have tried to block out what they saw on TV that night, others remain part of the show's strong cult following who celebrate the show's uniqueness.

How much can you remember about the show that gave kids growing up in the 90s nightmares?

1. What is the number of the house on Foxhill Drive where the show takes place?

Ghostwatch Foxhill Drive

2. In what part of London is Foxhill Drive, the site of the haunted house located?

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3. The family nicknamed the ghost "Pipes" but what his name before he died?

Ghostwatch Doctor Lin Pascoe

4. What is the name of the paranormal expert who joins Michael Parkinson in the studio throughout the show?

5. What are the names of the two young girls living in Foxhill Drive with their mother, Pamela?

Ghostwatch Scare

6. What did a frightened Sarah Greene call Craig Charles after he jumped out on her wearing a Halloween mask?

7. When Sarah first arrives in the house on Halloween night, what activity are the girls taking part in?

Ghostwatch Chris Miller Cameraman

8. What is the name of the cameraman who Sarah introduces us to at the start of the show?

9. According to witness Yvonne Etherly's testimony, what breed of dog did her son find dead in a nearby children's play area?

Enfield Poltergeist

10. Which real-life haunting was 'Ghostwatch' inspired by?

11. Which nursery rhyme did a possessed Michael Parkinson read from the studio autocue?

Ghostwatch Mike Aiton

12. Early in the show Sarah tells us that the sound recordist, Mike Aiton can do an uncanny impression of which comedian?

13. A skeptic gave his opinion on events via a live satellite link from which American city?

Ghostwatch Pipes

14. Before his death, Pipes was possessed by the spirit of a local a "baby farmer" turned child killer, what was her name?

15. What was the name of the retrospective documentary about 'Ghostwatch' which was released on DVD in 2013?


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