10 Places In London That You Didn't Know Were Haunted

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With its undiscovered plague pits, wartime damage, and plenty of tragedy like Jack The Ripper and beheadings at The Tower Of London, the capital easily has a more gruesome history than any other city in the UK.

So, it's no surprise that there are some very well known ghost stories such as the hauntings of Drury Lane Theatre, Hampton Court Palace and Highgate Cemetery, but other creepy tales aren't so well known, these are the ten places in London that you probably had no idea were haunted.

10. Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Connecting Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs is one of the oldest tunnels under the River Thames, an eerie, 370 metre long pedestrian tunnel. It was opened in 1902 to allow workers from north of the river to easily get to London's docklands without having to catch a ferry.

Many have reported a feeling of unease in the dank subterranean walkway, others say they've felt they've been followed through the tunnel, but a rare few have reported seeing the ghost of a couple walking along the tunnel, the figures promptly vanish into thin air as they are passed by.

9. King's Cross Station

Kings Cross Station
Photo: © Diliff

One of the busiest stations in London, thousands of commuters pass through it a day but on occasion some of those rushing through the station have reported seeing the ghost of a woman. She's said to have long, brown hair and is wearing modern clothes.

The story dates back to the late 1980s and those who have witnessed her say they've heard her scream and rushed to her aid, only to find that se disappears without trace. Some believe that the woman might have lost her life in a fire which swept through the station in 1987.

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8. Capital FM

Capital FM London

Staff at the radio station's studios at 28 Leicester Square often blame technical problems and strange sounds on hauntings but few realise the building's horrifying past that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's story of Jekyll and Hyde.

The building, now a bar on street level with the radio studios and offices above, used to be the home of Glaswegian surgeon, John Hunter. The property was a beautiful town house on Charing Cross Road, where he welcomed his clients it connected through to an anatomy theatre which in turn connect to another building in Leicester Square.

It was this back entrance in Leicester Square through which it is said thousands of corpse were delivered for dissection. all of which to add to Hunter's anatomy museum, fuelling his obsession with cutting up everything and anything he could lay his hands, giving him the nickname The Knife Man.

Hunter was one of London's most respected doctors, even offering his services to King George III but his demanded for a constant supply of corpses remained and it was this contrast, Hunter's purpose-built home to support his double life that inspired the character Jekyll and Hyde.

7. Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street Station is Central London is said to be haunted by a man in overalls who is said to patrol the dark platforms in the dead of night. It's not just commuters waiting for the last train of the day who have witnessed the figure, staff on night shifts have spotted the spook on CCTV but when a colleague went to investigate, there was no one to be found.

The ghost of the station might not be wandering the platforms alone, it's said that the station is built on one of London's many mass burial grounds, so disturbed spirits could be responsible for many sighting of strange occurrences in the local area.

6. Elephant & Castle Underground Station

South of the river on the Northern and Bakerloo lines is Elephant & Castle station, opened in 1890 and the site of numerous reports of spooky goings on.

Staff and commuters have reported hearing mysterious footsteps running through the station's tunnels and along platforms, as well as doors being slammed and unexplained bangs and tapping sounds. Others claim to have seen the ghostly figure of a woman boarding the trains.

An off duty train driver even reported seeing her on his journey home, he says the woman walked straight through the carriage and he had to move aside as she seemed totally unaware of his existence.

5. Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio
Photo: © KTo288

Absolute Radio, which was originally Virgin Radio has had its studios in the basement of No. 1 Golden Square since its launch in 1993, it just so happens that this is right on top of one of London's many plague burial pits, its said that the communal grave was the resting place for over 4,000 people.

This could explain the many reports of the sound of children laughing by DJ working the night shift at the station. Staff have also reported seeing ghostly figures and unsettling shadows, as well as hearing the sound of wailing coming from beneath their feet.

4. Green Park

One of Central London's parks, a welcome piece of tranquility in the heart of the West End and a great place to head for a restful afternoon in the sun but not all of the parkland is as welcoming. Legend has it that there's one sinister "Death Tree" within the grounds which should be avoided at all costs.

It's said that anyone who falls asleep in the shade of the tree's branches never wakes up again. The tree has only been identified in the past by claims of a black figure who's been spotted under the tree, park wardens have said they've heard a man's voice around the tree, and moans have been heard coming from the tree.

It's said that the city's homeless population avoid the tree but it seems that for most people the knowledge of which tree we should be avoiding has been lost. So, next time you sit in the park you may be under the infamous, yet elusive deadly tree.

3. British Museum

British Museum
Photo: © Ham

You may not know that in Holborn there was once a London Underground station known as British Museum which served the Central line, it's been abandoned since the 1930s and has a spooky history of its own.

It's said to be haunted by the ghost of an Ancient Egyptian God, he's been spotted dressed in a loincloth and headdress. Five years after its closure two women went missing from the next station on the line, Holborn which is just 90 meters of track away.

Witnesses claimed that they heard ghostly moaning at the time of their disappearance and the Egyptian ghost has been blamed. Some believe that there is a secret tunnel from the underground network which connects with the Egyptian room in the nearby museum.

2. Heathrow Airport

When you think of potentially haunted buildings, the last place that springs to mind is the bustling airport on the outskirts of London, but it is said to be one of the city's paranormal hotspots.

One of the airports resident spooks is said to be the notorious highwayman, Dick Turpin. It's said he's been spotted in the main terminal in Heathrow. Holiday makers have reported feeling someone breathing on their necks, only to turn around and find no one there.

Staff and passengers have also reported seeing a man in a dark suit and bowler hat on one of the runways, he is thought to be a traveler who died when a Belgian airline flight from Brussels crashed on the runway in 1948, 20 of the 22 people on board were killed.

He was first spotted by workers in a hangar nearby who saw the aircraft crash on the runway and quickly went to the survivors' aid, the man approached them and asked if they had found his briefcase.

1. Cane Hill Asylum

The infamous Cane Hill Hospital opened in 1883 as a mental asylum. The main part of the site closed in 1992 and has been derelict ever since.

Security staff and those who have visited the abandoned building have reported seeing the figure of a man wandering around in the trees near the hospital, others have seen dark shadowy figures walking the hospital's deserted corridors.


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