How To Find Out If Your School Is Haunted

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If you or your friends have noticed weird things happening around school that you can't explain, then you maybe wondering if your school might be haunted, but how do you find out for sure? And who or what is haunting it? Well, here's our guide to finding out if your school really is haunted and getting to the bottom of the paranormal activity there.

1. Check If Your School Is Famously Haunted

It's a long shot, but try an internet search for your school with the word "haunted" tagged on to it. It may be that your school has a well known history of hauntings. If the building was used for something else in the past, then search under the building's old name as the people who used to use the building may have shared their ghostly stories online.

You could also check out our list of the ten most haunted schools in the UK, it might just be that your school is already on that list.

2. Ask Around

It's best to ask older people if they have any stories or gossip about ghostly goings on. That could be older students in the years above you. Don't forget to ask teachers too. They may have taught in the school for many years and perhaps have even worked late and spent some time alone in the building in the dark.

Did your parents go to the same school as you? If they did, ask them if anything weird happened while they were there. If not, perhaps some of your friends' parents are former pupils and they have some haunting memories.

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3. Research

If you haven't been able to find out any haunted history from those familiar with the school, then you're going to need to take things into your own hands and do some research yourself. Most hauntings occur on the site of a historical tragedy, whether it be a murder, a suicide, an untimely death due to illness, or an accident such as a car crash, drowning or fatal fall.

Here are some routes of investigation you could try...

Local News
Check local news websites to see if the school has any dark secrets, such as missing kids, murders, fires or accidental deaths. If you find something, then this could be an indication of why the school is now haunted. If you can't find anything online, then you may need to visit your local library, they might have access to copies of old local newspapers.

Land Uses
You could also try to find out what the land the school is built on was used for historically. A tragedy may have occurred on the land that pre-dates the school, perhaps it is built on a former battlefield or an ancient Indian burial ground.

This sort of information can usually be found at your local reference library, town hall or local historical society. You may be able to find out some of the history of your local area online or in local interest books.

You may even be able to establish a name and identity of the spirit who haunts your school. If you're able to find out these details then it will make it much easier to make contact with the spirit.

Confirm The Haunting

Phone Camera

After the first few steps, if it now seems like your school might be haunted, then it's time to prove it. You can do this by attempting to make contact, however this can be difficult in between classes. So, it might be best to try this during free periods or lunchtime.

Find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed, this could be an empty classroom, a quiet corner of the library or somewhere in the school grounds. Then try calling out to any spirits that might be present in your school. This simply means speaking aloud and encouraging the spirits to show you a sign they are with you.

You could say things like:
If there's someone here with us, can you give us a sign?
Can you make a noise to let us know you're here?
If you're here with us, knock on the table.

After each request, remember to sit in silence for a moment to give the spirits time to respond.

You could also try to capture some proof using your phone. It's believed that a camera can pick up more than the eye can see. For example, light into the infrared spectrum can often be captured. It's for this reason that ghostly figures, streaks of light or strange fogs are often caught on camera. The best way to capture a ghost on camera is to take as many photos as you can in as many parts of the school as possible. Review the photographs in detail when you get home and look for anything unusual.

You can also use your phone to try to capture EVPs, which stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. You can use the audio recorder on your phone to try to capture the voice of the spirits. Simply start recording and begin to ask the spirit questions out loud, be sure to leave plenty of time after each question to allow the ghost time to answer. You won't hear anything at the time but when reviewing the audio the EVPs might be present, you'll be able to hear the spirit answering your question.

When attempting to make contact via EVP, you should try to establish the answer to the following questions:
Who are you?
What is your name?
When did you die?
How did you die?
Why have you returned to this school?
If after these steps it turns out your school is haunted, then you'll need to decide what to do next. You might want to tell a teacher or try to help the spirit move on.

However the best course of action is to ignore it. Ghost are rarely violent and injury as a result of a ghost is almost unheard of. So, don't let a few weird bumps and bangs get in the way of your school work.

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