The 10 Most Haunted Schools In The UK

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From classrooms to old outbuildings and never ending corridors, schools can be a foreboding place and they're a common location for ghost sightings.

Below is a list of ten educational institutions in UK which are said to have the most spooks.

10. Aylestone Hall, Leicester

Aylestone Hall, Leicester

Sat in what is now a public park, the Grade II listed Aylestone Hall was originally opened a girls' boarding school in 1846. There have been sightings of the ghost of a woman dressed completely in black but with a pale white face, she's usually spotted in the dead of night.

9. University College, London

University College, London

There are stories that this Central London university is haunted by a girl named Emma Louise. She's said to appear if someone is brave enough to say her name three times. It's claim that the girl met an untimely death in a tunnel that connects the modern university building to the older Cruciform building.

One group of students who are reported to have said the girl's name aloud say they head the eerie disembodied sound of a girl laughing, and found the words "help me", "die" and "murder" scrolled on a wall.

8. Malet Lambert School, Hull

Malet Lambert School, Hull

Still a secondary school for 11 to 16-year-old pupils, this former boarding school is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl who fell from the bell tower. Her ghost has been seen stood in the tower by pupils in the playground below.

7. The School House, The Black Country Living, Dudley

Most Haunted At Black Country Living Museum

This school sits within a museum, which opened in 1978. The museum celebrates the Black Country's important role in the industrial revolution as one of the greatest iron producers in the world. Most of the buildings on the site have been rebuilt here having been moved brick by brick from across the area.

Visitors and staff have reported a wide range of paranormal activity at the museum, including strange nosies, the sound of footsteps, and the voices of children in the old school house. The site is said to be home to four apparitions.

The school made it into celebrity ghost hunter, Yvette Fielding's ten scariest moments from the television show 'Most Haunted'. Her and her team investigated the school building in 2015. At one point, Yvette her husband Karl Beattie were given the fright of their lives when they carried out a vigil in a pitch black classroom. The pair experienced furniture moving in front of their eyes and even the bench they were sat on moved beneath them.

Yvette spoke about her experience after shooting the episode, "it was extraordinary. I was scared but at the same time mesmerised. That is a very active place that is haunted.  However, it was not negative. It's my belief they're children who simply want to play."

6. Halsham House, East Yorkshire

Halsham House, East Riding of Yorkshire

Halsham House  was established as a school in 1584 under the terms of the will of Sir John Constable. Who provided for eight boys, sir John's wife Catherine contributed an endowment for an Oxford scholarship. It provided education for the village until 1947.

People have reported the feeling that someone is watching there every move in parts of the house, particularly powerful on the stairs. Elsewhere in the house, a friendly but shy ghostly figure has been seen in the sitting room, it's believed this sprit could be that of a child, perhaps one of the young boys that attended the school and still thinks of Halsham House as his home.

When the house underwent some restoration in the 1970s, small bones were found in the attic. No one is sure of their origin, or whether they are human or animal bones, but some believe these bones could point to a history of witchcraft as people used to use bones to protect their homes.

5. The Old Victorian School, Nottingham

The Old Victorian School, Nottingham

Situated in Long Eaton the school is a popular location for ghost hunters. Evidence collected by these teams include unexplained noises, sightings of dark shadowy figures, and even poltergeist activity. There has been reports of of object moving of their own accord, strange bangs, and the cracking sound of a cane.

There's also been reports of strange light phenomenon, extreme temperature changes, disembodied voices and the unnerving feeling of being watched.

4. Guy's Cliffe House, Warwick

Guys Cliffe House Freemasons Hall

When you imagine a haunted house, the image you conjure up in your head won't be far off Guy's Cliffe, it's the typical haunted house. It has dungeons, winding stir cases, creepy portraits, dark corners, creaking doors, an imposing clock tower, gothic windows and lots and lots of history, and in World War II the building was used as a school for evacuated children.

This property is made up of the ruins of a grade II listed manor house which dates back to 1751 but fell in to disrepair in the 1950s and was destroyed by fire. Behind the ruins was an adjoining building, St Mary's Chapel. The basement of this chapel used to include the house's servants' quarters.

In the 1970s, the chapel was restored by the Freemason. Today the two Freemason temples contained in the chapel are decorated with eerie Masonic symbols and objects and are used for their ceremonies. 
Recent visitors have reported making contact with the spirits of Freemasons, children, and servants from the house. Most of the spirits are said to be male as historically the site is quite male dominated.

At one point in its life, part of chapel was used as a brewery and some mischievous ghosts known as the "Brewery Boys" are said to haunt this area. While out in the grounds a mischievous stable boy called Jacob has been witnessed in the coachhouse which is carved into the rock of Guy's Cliffe.

3. Llanfyllin Union Workhouse, North Wales

Llanfylin Union Workhouse

Although this property is technically a workhouse, set up to house  the poor and those who could not support themselves in the community until the 1930s, it also had school facilities. In fact, the standard of education at this particular workhouse was exceptionally high. An 1848 report stated that the workhouse children made better progress with their education than free scholars at other local schools.

The Union Workhouse, which is slowly be developed into a community centre, is said to be haunted by the spirit of a school master. The master is most frequently seen in the building's centrepiece, an area which was original his private quarters. He's often seen looking out of the windows where he would have once been able to oversee the workhouse's four recreation yards.

Visitors have reported hearing footsteps, doors slamming, children crying, and the ghostly cries and shrieks of a classrooms full of children. There's also be claims of shadowy figures, and even the full body apparition of an old school master who is said to haunt the building.

2. University Of St Andrews, Scotland

University Of St Andrews, Scotland

The oldest of the four ancient universities of Scotland is said to be haunted by several ghosts, including the spirit of a monk, a piper and ever a ghost ship. One of the best known spooks is a the White Lady, who is thought to be a servant of Mary, Queen of Scots. It's said that she died of a broken heart after her lover was beheaded, a fate mirroring that of Mary Stuart. The woman's ghost is now said to wander around a tower in part of the ruined abbey at night.

1. Ragged School, London

Ragged School, London

Today the building is a museum but 150 years ago it was used to educate the poorest children in the area. Thousands of children passed through the school, many of whom suffered at the hands of their sadistic teachers. It's said it's the spirit of these children that haunt the building now. Countless ghost sightings and weird noises have been reported here.

Those who have visited the Victorian school have reported hearing disembodied cries, laughing and voices, loud bangs and slamming doors, the sound of heavy-booted footsteps coming from empty rooms, and even full apparitions. In the creepy basement play area, witnesses have reported seeing strange lights floating in mid air.

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