Jonathan Ross Explores The Myths & Legends Of Britain In New TV Series

March 14, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Television

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Jonathan Ross’ Myths and Legends
Photo: © Channel 4
Jonathan Ross, the renowned British television presenter and horror film enthusiast, is back on our screens on something a little different, 'Jonathan Ross' Myths & Legends'. The four-part series debuted on More4 this week, and fans of Jonathan and the paranormal can join him on a journey through some of the more mysterious tales that have become legend across Britain.

Throughout the series, Jonathan travels across the British Isles, visiting everything from colossal mountains to murky caves, to places where sorcery might have once taken place, all the while immersing himself in fabulous fairytales, magical mysteries, and mysterious legends in a bid to uncover their weird and wonderful truths and understand why these fantastic stories continue to fascinate and intrigue.

The first episode of the series saw Jonathan start his journey in Whitby, Yorkshire, where he discovered what inspired Bram Stoker's novel, 'Dracula'. He also ventured up the coast to learn about the Hobs, mythical cave-dwelling creatures with healing powers.

The TV presenter also visited several locations with links to the supernatural, including Howarth, a village linked to the Brontë sisters, whose novels were infused with supernatural elements. Later, in Knaresborough, he visited the allegedly haunted Mother Shipton's Inn and nearby Mother Shipton's Cave. In Lancashire, Jonathan was joined by historian Simon Entwistle, a familiar face from the paranormal world. With Simon's help, Jonathan learnt about the infamous Pendle Witch Trials.

Throughout the series, Jonathan is accompanied by some really nice CGI that brings the mysteries and local legends that have existed across the Britain for centuries to life, from glowing sprites to cave-dwelling trolls.

Jonathan, who has always been fascinated by the poetry and the truths that are to be found in folklore and mythology, says "it's been an absolute pleasure travelling round Britain meeting an amazing array of diverse and enthusiastic people who all share that interest. I've made some fascinating new friends who all keep the legends alive in their own ways, as well meeting up with a few old acquaintances keen to share their love and knowledge of the subject. And the scenery was amazing!"

Despite the intriguing content, the only downside of the show is that it is broadcast on More4, which does the series a disservice as it does not broadcast in HD on Freeview. However, Sky and Virgin viewers can benefit from the beautiful scenic shots of some of Britain's most magical places in perfect clarity. Alternatively, viewers can watch the episodes on demand on All4 in HD.

In next Monday's episode, Jonathan is joined by actor Michael Sheen to explore the legends of Wales, from the creation of Mount Snowdon to the Lady of the Lake, and attends the Green Man Festival. He also learns about the legend of the Afanc, a cross between a beaver and a crocodile, that lived in a river and used to drag people away.

You can catch 'Jonathan Ross' Myths & Legends' on Monday nights at 9pm on More4 or on demand on All4. The series is a great watch for fans of the paranormal and folklore. Jonathan' enthusiasm and love for the subject matter, combined with stunning scenery and fascinating stories, make for an entertaining viewing experience.

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