'Lockwood & Co.' Netflix’s New Paranormal Series For Children Of All Ages Reviewed By A 12 Year Old

February 28, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ NetflixParanormalTelevision

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Lockwood & Co.
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'Lockwood & Co.', a paranormal detective series arrived on our screens recently to strongly positive reviews. The show was given a 12 certificate, and whilst many of the more 'mature’ viewers of the series might be familiar with the paranormal scares on display, we wanted to find out what an actual 12 year old thought. So we asked one to review it. This is what Laurie Bellamy, 12, thought to of the series.

What is the show about?

'Lockwood & Co.' is based on award-winning books written by Jonathan Stroud. It’s set in Britain, but a different version where there are ghosts that only children can see. A group of three teenagers go on ghost hunting adventures together in their own ghost hunting agency called 'Lockwood & Co.' The lead characters are George Karim, the 'Researcher’, who is nerdy and sometimes childish, Lucy Carlyle, the main character who flees her cold and cruel mother to pursue a career as a 'Listener’ and Anthony Lockwood, the maverick, entrepreneurial owner of the ghost-hunting agency and my favourite character of all. They have to take on a rival ghost hunting agency called Fittes led by Quill Kips. The story twists and turns like vines going up a tree. You never know what’s going to happen next. The transition from friend to foe and visa versa is spectacular.

What did you think of the series?

In my opinion, 'Lockwood & Co.' is the best series or film released this year. The characters, the storyline and the mise-en-scene are all exquisite. I have watched it twice, the second time being even better than the first, noticing little hidden gems in each episode.

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Who made the show?

Joe Cornish produced and directed the series. He also wrote Attack the Block which is a very well-known science fiction, comedy, and horror film; Attack the Block features Nick Frost, Jodie Whitaker (of Dr Who fame) and John Boyega before he played Finn in Star Wars specifically The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi.

Where can you watch it?

You can only watch Lockwood on Netflix.

What do you like about the show?

Everything! The character development, the setting, the emotion, the drama and the storyline. There’s never a dull moment and you get dropped straight into the drama right at the beginning.

What is the show like to watch?

It has me entranced wanting to watch more. Sat on the edge of my seat waiting for a jump. If my parents had let me I would have watch the whole series in one go.

What didn’t you like?

'Lockwood & Co.' is a masterpiece from start to finish. But one thing that it could improve is its comprehensibility. In the first few episodes, you hear words like type 1, type 2 and type 3, listener etc. It is only halfway through the series that you start to understand the terminology. I understood a lot more watching the series a second time.

What did you think of the scary bits?

I think they make really good use of CGI because I have never seen someone so scary. The ghosts are very real looking in a surreal way. Some of them are just a bit scary, some of them are more terrifying. There was a variety from a murdered woman to a group of powerful ghosts who changed into pure human blood.

Who would be interested in watching this show?

Anyone from the age of 10+, I was able to watch it with my family of many ages and preferences and everyone loved it.

Would you like to see a second series?

I have been extremely eager to find out if a second series will come out As I’d love the story to continue. It has been rumoured that a second series is coming out but I will have to wait and see.

What would you like to ask the producer/director Joe Cornish?

How did you find the actors who played the main ghost-fighting trio? What did you like about them?
What is behind Lockwood’s door?
How did Anthony and George meet?
Thank you to Laurie for his review. If you’d like him to review anything else, let us know.

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