Michelle Belanger Set To Bring New Blood To Paranormal TV With Two Brand-New Shows

By Chris Amandier
July 04, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionParanormal
Michelle Belanger's New Blood

The world of paranormal television is getting an infusion of new blood with two brand-new series co-created by renowned occult expert and vampire Michelle Belanger. The television medium is best known for appeared on 'Paranormal State', 'Portals to Hell', 'Conjuring Kesha' and 'Monsterquest'.

The shows, 'New Blood' and 'Inhuman Beings', are slated to release towards the end of 2023. The team are currently raising funds to complete the first seasons of both shows through a Kickstarter campaign that ends on July 9.

Michelle and the rest of the team, a queer cast and crew of paranormal investigators, researchers, and filmmakers, are going the indie production route in order to maintain creative control and show how weird the paranormal can get—and so they can break out of the mold of formulaic paranormal TV. 
Michelle Belanger's New Blood

The Shows: 'New Blood' & 'Inhuman Beings'

In 'New Blood', a long-form docu-series, a curious witch explores the mysterious world of modern vampires, conjuring a film crew using spellwork and kicking off a journey that becomes an initiatory experience for almost the entire team. From sacred vampire ritual spaces to a haunted Airbnb and the mysterious woods of Ohio, the show takes viewers on a wild ride full of synchronicity.

'Inhuman Beings' is a new spin on the episodic paranormal investigation series, where the team investigates a location with a reputation for high strangeness in each episode, searching for ghosts, aliens, the fae, cryptids, and other entities. The show uses traditional ghost hunting tools like spirit boxes, REM-Pods, and a SLS cameras, as well as off-the-wall experiments with remote viewing, dream sigils, and more.

The Team

Michelle has teamed up with Fen Alankus, the host of podcast 'Follow the Woo', to put together a diverse cast and crew of paranormal experts and film professionals. 

The team is made up of historian and medium Stephanie Bingham, who has been featured on the CW's 'Mysteries Decoded', Destination America's 'Paranormal Lockdown' and SyFy Channel's 'School Spirits'; tarot reader Tigresse Bleu; paranormal researcher Chris Amandier from the 'Buried Secrets Podcast'; filmmaker, forager, and hedgewitch Aubrey P Archer; and photographer and skeptic-turned-believer Taylor Brown.

The Kickstarter

With more than 100 hours of footage shot so far, the first seasons of 'New Blood' and 'Inhuman Beings' are well underway. The Kickstarter funds will go toward the rest of the filming, editing, marketing, and distribution. Pre-production for season two of New Blood has already begun, and more experts will be coming on board, including the vampire Jack Townson.

Within days of launching, 'New Blood' earned the honor of being labelled one of Kickstarter's "Project We Love" badge, the crowd-funding platform's way of highlighting best-in-class projects. Rewards for Kickstarter backers include magically imbued Ouija planchettes, Bigfoot t-shirts, subtle-body portrait readings, bonus and behind-the-scenes content, executive producer credit, guest spots on their shows, and more.

For more information about 'New Blood' and 'Inhuman Beings', check out the Kickstarter campaign page or the project's official website NewBlood.TV

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