'Mission Unexplained' Further Ignites Discussion Surrounding Aerial Phenomena & Extraterrestrials

March 11, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Television

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Mission Unexplained
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An original new series on Canadian network Cottage Life Original further ignites national discussion surrounding aerial phenomena and the existence of extraterrestrials.

'Mission Unexplained' features new credible evidence and an exclusive interview with the highest-ranking Air Force veteran to speak on record. The series premieres March 12 on Cottage Life during the channel's free preview event, which also includes the docuseries 'Mysteries From Above' and 'Brink Of Disaster'.

With the recent shoot-downs of mystery crafts over American and Canadian airspace, the mania for extraterrestrials and Unidentified Flying Objects has been reignited, with everyone asking: what's going on up there? Cottage Life's latest original series MissionUnexplained hopes to provide some answers with accounts from Military Police Officers, Staff Sergeants, US Marines, Lance Corporals, US Air Force medics and more; who have come forward to share the terrifying, unexplained events they witnessed on the front lines.

A monumental moment in the series occurs when the highest-ranked military official to ever share his story, Air Force veteran Gary Kent Carroll, breaks his silence after 55 years of secrecy. The eyewitnesses in this series felt compelled to speak up and change the stigma surrounding U.F.O.s due to the recent declassification of military records. From mystifying lights to vanishing civilians, frightful apparitions to mechanical mysteries, the series provides a front row seat to the action as veterans recount their harrowing experiences.

The world broadcast premiere of 'Mission Unexplained' airs in Canada on Cottage Life on March 12 at 10pm, during the channel's eight-week nationwide free preview event, happening now until April 30.

The free preview programming line-up also includes the world broadcast premieres of season two of 'Mysteries From Above', a documentary series investigating mysteries from birds eye views. Plus 'Brink Of Disaster', a docuseries looking at natural disasters around the world and exploring how technology can help with these increasing catastrophes.

In addition, Cottage Life will be hosting "March Mystery Week," running all week long beginning March 6, with re-airings of popular series such as 'Searching For Secrets', 'Ultimate Mysteries', 'Strange Evidence', 'What on Earth?' and more enigma-flying programs. For Cottage Life's full programming line-up, visit the channel's website.

Free Preview Programming Highlights

'Mission Unexplained'
Premiering March 12
For the first time, troops are coming forward to share stories of unexplained events that defy logic and everything they trained for. Viewers are immersed in these eyewitness tales, while scientists and experts shed light on the stories. 
'Mysteries From Above' Season 2
Premiering April 2
Mysteries From Above is a documentary series that investigates mysteries from the revealing vantage point of drones. Drones have changed the landscape of exploration, allowing access to remote and hard-to-reach locations. Used by professionals and amateurs alike, every day they provide an unprecedented view into intriguing mysteries around the world. From a long lost viking highway to a never-before-seen Amazonian tribe, these remarkable drone discoveries have dramatically changed the way we see our world and ourselves. Strange man-made structures, lost civilizations, forbidden worlds, intriguing clues to our forgotten past... in this series, leading experts will set out to solve historically significant mysteries with the help of drones.
'Brink Of Disaster'
Premiering April 3
Across North America and the rest of the world, hurricanes, storm surges, earthquakes and sea level rise, create danger around the globe and lead to natural catastrophes. Our man made metropolises are at constant risk of destruction by these elemental forces. This series shows just how devastating they can be and what the latest science and technology do to help.
Cottage Life's specialty television network celebrates the people, activities and places that make leisure time special. The channel's premium programming covers everything from outdoor living, undiscovered mysteries, extreme weather, real estate, pets and wildlife, and more. Both informative and entertaining, no one captures the essence of the great outdoors and weekend living like this.

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