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The former entrance to Strand Station.
Since Yvette Fielding and her team of ghost hunters first appeared on our televisions in 2002, they've visited hundreds of haunted locations around the country, including a total of eight episodes in the nation's capital city.

London has many haunted locations, most of which can be found in London's theatreland. The city is also home to haunted underground stations, nightclubs and even a couple of haunted tourist attraction, which are said to have resident spooks.

The team first visited the city in series one, when they investigated Aldwych Underground Station, a disused station on the Central Line.

The team re-visited Aldywch for a 'Most Haunted Live!' show in 2008, just one of many live shows in London. The also broadcast from the Midland Grand Hotel and St. Pancras, Spaniards Inn and Hampstead Heath, London Tombs and Churchill War Rooms.

For Halloween 2005 the team returned to London for the first ever 'Most Haunted Live!' to be aired for more than one night. The four-night-long investigation took in four haunted location in the city, Tower Bridge, Commercial Tavern, Clink Prison Museum, Southwark, and The Blind Beggar Pub.

Below is a complete list of every location in the London that the team have visited.

Most Haunted Locations In London

Series 1, Episode 8: Aldwych Underground Station, London

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16 Jul 2002 • ReviewLocation Details
Yvette Fielding and a team of experts visit the now defunct Aldwych Tube station in central London, which was used as an air-raid shelter during the Second World War.

Series 1, Episode 10: Theatre Royal, London

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30 Jul 2002 • ReviewLocation Details
Yvette Fielding and a team of experts visit London's reputedly haunted Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, where staff claim to have caught a ghost on film.

Series 2, Episode 5: Clerkenwell House of Detention, London

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06 May 2003 • Review
Yvette Fielding and the team of experts visit the House of Detention, a disused prison in the Clerkenwell area of London.

Series 2, Episode 10: Caesar's Nightclub, South London

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10 Jun 2003 • Review
In the second of two episodes connected with the ghost of Ruth Ellis, Yvette Fielding and the team visit Caesar's Club in south London.

Series 6, Episode 9: The London Dungeon, London

17 May 2005
The team explore the maze of dark dangerous corridors of the London Dungeon and try to unearth its remaining spirits.

Series 9, Episode 6: Dartford Library, Dartford

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06 Feb 2007
Yvette Fielding and a team of investigators visit Dartford Library in Kent in search of ghostly goings-on.

Series 9, Episode 10: Sutton House, Hackney ‐ With Lee Ryan

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06 Mar 2007
Yvette Fielding and a team of investigators visit the historical site of Sutton House in search of apparitions and poltergeists.

Series 12, Episode 8: Madame Tussauds, London

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10 Feb 2009
Yvette Fielding and the team visit Madame Tussauds, one of London's most popular tourist attractions that is also said to be a site of paranormal activity.

Most Haunted Live! Peril In St. Pancras

1 Apr 2003 • 1 Night • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 1
Most Haunted returns with a special, live and interactive April Fool's Day investigation of the magnificent Midland Grand Hotel. This Victorian Gothic gem beside London's St. Pancras railway station has stood empty for decades.
Midland Grand Hotel, London

Most Haunted Live! On The Trail Of Dick Turpin

29-31 Dec 2003 • 3 Nights • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 2
The team commence a three day live investigation of the story of legendary highwayman Dick Turpin. They start upon Hampstead Heath and at the nearby pub which Turpin's father may have been the landlord of, the Spaniards Inn.
Hampstead Heath, London
Spaniards Inn, London
Epping Forest, Essex
York Dungeon, York
George Street Cemetery, York
Knavesmire, York
York Racecourse, York

Most Haunted Live! Nightmare On Elstree

6-8 May 2005 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 4
The Most Haunted Team investigate Elstree Studios, home of 'EastEnders', 'The Avengers', 'The Saint', 'Big Brother', and 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?', among many others. But does the studio have a darker side? The Most Haunted Live team are there to find out.
Elstree Film & TV Studios, Elstree
Waggon and Horses, Elstree
Allum Hall, Elstree
Holybush Pub, Elstree
Gate Studios, Elstree

Most Haunted Live! Eerie In The Eastend

28-31 Oct 2005 • 4 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 4
For the first time ever Most Haunted carry out a four night live event, Yvette Fielding, with the help of medium Derek Acorah, investigate things that go bump in the night in London's eastend on the trail of Jack The Ripper.
Tower Bridge, London
Commercial Tavern, London
Clink Prison Museum, London
The Blind Beggar Pub, London

Most Haunted Live! Total Darkness

29-31 Aug 2008 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 7
Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team return to London for a three night long live show. While in the capital, the team venture into the London Tombs, brave the darkness of the disused Aldwych tube station and explore Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms.
London Tombs, London
Aldwych Underground Station, London
Churchill War Rooms, London

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