Most Haunted Locations Map

A map showing the location of every Most Haunted episode since the show began in 2002, including haunted locations across the UK, in Europe and the United States.

If you're planning on following in the footsteps of Yvette Fielding and her team of fearless ghost hunters, then this location map is for you. It shows the exact filming location of every episode of long-running British paranormal television show.

If you do chose to visit any of these properties, remember that while some are tourist attractions, many of the locations are private residential properties. Please respect the current owners' privacy.


This map shows the location of every Most Haunted episode, excluding live shows, but does show the 18 locations outside of the UK where episodes have been filmed.


The part of the country that Yvette and the team have visited the most is the North West of England, where they have filmed 43 episodes. This is followed by Yorkshire in second place with 30 episodes. Then the West Midlands with 30, the South East of England with 26, Wales with 23 and the South West of England where 22 episodes have been filmed. However, the show has only visited Ireland for 4 episodes.

Most Haunted Episode Locations By Region

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