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Most Haunted Live Halloween 2002, Dudley Castle

For over a decade Yvette Fielding has headed up the Most Haunted team as they investigate the most paranormally active locations across the UK and around the world. Some of the most memorable of those investigations were broadcast as live specials, often on the night of Halloween, the Summer Solstice or Christmas.

Below you can find a complete list of episodes of the live shows, as well as details of the locations they broadcast from for each event and on which DVD boxset the event can be found.

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Map Of Most Haunted Live! Locations

List Of Most Haunted Live! Events

Halloween 2002

31 Oct 2002 • 1 Night • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 1
To celebrate Halloween the Most Haunted team present a special investigation of Dudley Castle. It was originally broadcast live, with interactive elements and took place before a live audience of 500 people in the castle grounds.
Dudley Castle, West Midlands

Christmas 2002

22 Dec 2002 • 1 Night • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 1
The Most Haunted team present this special Christmas edition of the show from the imposing Dover Castle. It was originally broadcast live with viewers invited to take part in the show via interactive features.
Dover Castle, Kent

Peril In St. Pancras

1 Apr 2003 • 1 Night • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 1
Most Haunted returns with a special, live and interactive April Fool's Day investigation of the magnificent Midland Grand Hotel. This Victorian Gothic gem beside London's St. Pancras railway station has stood empty for decades.
Midland Grand Hotel, London

Summer Solstice 2003

21 Jun 2003 • 1 Night • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 1
Most Haunted broadcasts a live and interactive special to celebrate the summer solstice from the remarkable Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire. This grand Gothic mansion was never finished. Can the team find out why?
Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire

Halloween 2003

31 Oct 2003 • 1 Night • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 2
The second live Halloween event for Most Haunted comes from the Beaulieu estate in Hampshire. The investigation will take the team around the remains of the historic abbey, the mansion house and the National Motor Museum.
Beaulieu Abbey, Hampshire
Beaulieu Motor Museum, Hampshire
Beaulieu Palace House, Hampshire

On The Trail Of Dick Turpin

29-31 Dec 2003 • 3 Nights • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 2
The team commence a three day live investigation of the story of legendary highwayman Dick Turpin. They start upon Hampstead Heath and at the nearby pub which Turpin's father may have been the landlord of, the Spaniards Inn.
Hampstead Heath, London
Spaniards Inn, London
Epping Forest, Essex
York Dungeon, York
George Street Cemetery, York
Knavesmire, York
York Racecourse, York

The Life And Loves Of William Shakespeare

28-29 Feb 2004 • 2 Nights • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 2
On this Leap Day, in memory of the man who wrote the greatest love stories ever told, Most Haunted Live will endeavour to unearth the mysteries and stories that surround the Stratford bard, William Shakespeare.
Town Hall, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Shakespeare's Birthplace, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Avon Riverbank, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Falstaff Experience Museum, Stratford-Upon-Avon
New Place, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon
Hall's Croft, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Shottery Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon
Clopton House and Well, Stratford-Upon-Avon

The Trail Of The Witchfinder General

9-11 Apr 2004 • 3 Nights • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 2
This bank holiday weekend, Derek, Yvette and the rest of the Most Haunted team will be following the story of Matthew Hopkins, "The Witchfinder General" of the infamous Essex witch trials and reveal some of England's darkest secrets.
Graveyard of St. Nicholas Church, Canewdon
Scots Hall Crossroads, Canewdon
The Anchor Inn, Canewdon
Seafield Bay, Manningtree
The White Hart, Manningtree
Manningtree Green, Manningtree
Mistley Towers, Mistley
The Thorn Hotel, Mistley
Mistley Pond and Hopping Bridge, Mistley
Ruins of St. Mary Church, Mistley Heath
Ogilvie Hall, Lawford

The Dead Centre Of England

19 Jun 2004 • 3 Nights • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 3
Most Haunted Live Summer Solstice comes from the 'dead' centre of Britain. Is Derby Britain's most haunted city? Find out when the longest day could turn into the darkest night for Yvette, Derek and the Most Haunted team?
Arbor Low Stone Circle, Monyash
House of John Flamsteed, Derby
The Silk Mill, Derby
Ye Olde Dolphin Inne, Derby
McClusky's Nightclub, Derby
Derby Gaol, Derby
The Friary, Derby
Elvaston Castle, Derby

Spirits In The Skies

11-13 Sep 2004 • 3 Nights • ReviewThe Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 3
The Most Haunted Live team investigate in Llanbedr, North Wales. The site, at Maes Artro Heritage, served as the living quarters for the adjacent RAF Llanbedr air base during WWII. The base opened in 1941 as a training and rest camp for active squadrons. Since then, the base has witnessed much violent loss of life. Unexplained crashes and accidents were frequent and rumours abound of other macabre incidents.
Maes Artro Heritage Museum, Llanbedr
RAF Llanbedr, Llanbedr
The Old Farmouse, Shell Island, Llanbedr
Meini Hirion Standing Stones, Llanbedr

Pendle Hell

30 Oct - 1 Nov 2004 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 3
With the help of the audience, the Most Haunted Team investigate Pendle Hill in Lancashire. In this instalment, they visit Clitheroe Castle, Church Brow, and the Trinity Youth Centre.
Clitheroe Castle, Pendle Hill
Church Brow, Pendle Hill
Trinity Youth Centre, Pendle Hill
Lower Well Head Farm, Pendle Hill
Bull Hole Farm, Pendle Hill
Tynedale Farm, Pendle Hill
Waddow Hall, Clitheroe

Christmas 2004

12-14 Dec 2004 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 3
Derek, Yvette, and the team investigate the town of Blackpool. Under the darkened New Moon what will they uncover, and what will they learn about Blackpool's curious past? In this installment, the team investigates the Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire
Blackpool Tower, Lancashire
Opera House Theatre, Lancashire

Terror At Torbay

12-14 Mar 2005 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 4
The Most Haunted Team are spending the Weekend in South Devon at Torbay and Brixham. Famous for its history of smuggling from ships, as well as other dark goings on around the area. What will they find out as they explore the Lupton Hall, a house built in the late 1700's? What disaster befell the Hall? And who are the spirits which refuse to leave?
Lupton House, Brixham
The Globe Hotel, Brixham
Brixham Heritage Museum, Brixham
The Smugglers' Haunt, Brixham
Berry Pomeroy Castle, Brixham

Nightmare On Elstree

6-8 May 2005 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 4
The Most Haunted Team investigate Elstree Studios, home of 'EastEnders', 'The Avengers', 'The Saint', 'Big Brother', and 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?', among many others. But does the studio have a darker side? The Most Haunted Live team are there to find out.
Elstree Film & TV Studios, Elstree
Waggon and Horses, Elstree
Allum Hall, Elstree
Holybush Pub, Elstree
Gate Studios, Elstree

The Darkness Begins

19-21 Jun 2005 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 4
Three nights live investigation leading up to the Summer Solstice. Yvette Fielding and the team will be holding vigial at paranormal hotspots in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
Rutland Mill Complex, Wakefield
Wakefield Theatre Royal & Opera House, Wakefield
Caphouse Colliery, Wakefield

Mayhem In Manchester

2-4 Sep 2005 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 4
Yvette Fielding leads the Most Haunted team into action for their 16th live investigation, this time from the bustling Manchester city center for three nights of paranormal entertainment. The investigation includes a familiar location, Brannigans Night Club, which they first visited in series two.
Staircase House, Manchester
Barnes Convalescent Hospital, Manchester
Brannigans Nightclub, Manchester

Eerie In The Eastend

28-31 Oct 2005 • 4 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 4
For the first time ever Most Haunted carry out a four night live event, Yvette Fielding, with the help of medium Derek Acorah, investigate things that go bump in the night in London's eastend on the trail of Jack The Ripper.
Tower Bridge, London
Commercial Tavern, London
Clink Prison Museum, London
The Blind Beggar Pub, London

Mayhem On Merseyside

9-11 Dec 2005 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 5
Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted Team investigate locations in Liverpool and Birkenhead during a three night live event, hosted by new Most Haunted Live Presenter, Jamie Darling.
Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool
Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Wirral Museum, Birkenhead

Panic In Portsmouth

5-7 May 2006 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 5
Most Haunted Live returns with a three-night investigation from Portsmouth, this time with some new crew members including guest psychic Ian Shillito and a new live presenter, Paul Ross. Karl Beattie attempts a first in television history by being buried alive outside of Southsea Castle.
Wymering Manor, Portsmouth
Southsea Castle, Portsmouth
Royal Marines Museum, Portsmouth

Summer Solstice 2006

24-26 Jun 2006 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 5
Yvette Fielding and Most Haunted team broadcast live from Llanelli in South Wales for a three-night long investigation of some of the area's most paranormally active locations. During the event the show's producer, Karl Beattie, and guest psychic Ian Shillito are shackled in the dungeon of Kidwelly Castle.
Parc Howard Museum, Llanelli
Llanelly House, Llanelli
Kidwelly Castle, Llanelli

Halloween 2006

29-31 Oct 2006 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 5
A three-night live investigation in and around Edinburgh's most haunted locations on Halloween. The team re-visit the Blair Street and Niddry Street Vaults and on the final night hold a vigil at Mary King's Close.
Blair Street Vaults, Edinburgh
Niddry Street Vaults, Edinburgh
Mary King's Close, Edinburgh

Dracula, Transylvania

23-25 Feb 2007 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 6
Broadcast live from Romania, Most Haunted Live's first overseas events sends the team on tje hunt for the ghost of Vlad The Impaler, the person on whom the legend of Dracula was based. The team are based in the Transylvanian Corvin's Castle, the childhood home of Vlad.
Corvin Castle, Transylvania

Pirates' Curse

5-7 May 2007 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 6
The Most Haunted Team travel to Bristol for a three-night live investigation with the hope of uncovering the ghostly history of the pirates that once frequented its coastline and the slavery imposed by them. The city is known for its close links with the renowned pirate Blackbeard and is reputedly rife with ghostly activity.
Blackbeard's House, Bristol
Redcliffe Caves, Bristol
Llandoger Trow, Bristol

A Living Hell On Earth

1 Jun 2007 • 1 Night • A Living Hell On Earth
Join Yvette Fielding and the team as they unleash the demons of the awe inspiring Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, USA. A haunting place described as a living hell on earth by those who had occupied it. Constructed in 1829, East State Penitentiary was designed to strike terror into the hearts and minds of offenders to deter them from a life of crime.
Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

The House That Fear Built

19 Oct 2007 • 1 Night • The House That Fear Built
Yvette Fielding and her adventurous investigation team delve into the deep secrets of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, USA, in this adventure. The architecturally fascinating Victorian Mansion was once the home of wealthy widow Sarah Winchester, and was purposely designed by her to house unfortunate ghostly souls.
Winchester Mystery House, California

Halloween 2007

27-31 Oct 2007 • 5 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 6
Yvette Fielding and the team embark on a Halloween live special with a difference. Spread across five nights, the team will visit five different locations in the UK, the journey the team takes will drawing out a huge inverted pentagram across the country.
Wheeler Priory, Yorkshire
The Leopard Inn, Stoke-on-Trent
Towneley Hall, Burnley
Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire
Plas Teg, Flintshire

Satan's City

26-30 Mar 2008 • 5 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 7
Turin, Italy is the setting for this five night overseas ivestigation of ghostly activity within a place dubbed Satan's City. On the first night the team visit San Pietro in Vincoli, the first of five spooky locations in the Italian city.
San Pietro in Vincoli, Turin
Lucedio Abbey Church & Priest's House, Turin
Lucedio Abbey Monastery, Turin
Pietro Micca Tunnels, Turin
Moncalieri Castle, Turin

Total Darkness

29-31 Aug 2008 • 3 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 7
Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team return to London for a three night long live show. While in the capital, the team venture into the London Tombs, brave the darkness of the disused Aldwych tube station and explore Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms.
London Tombs, London
Aldwych Underground Station, London
Churchill War Rooms, London


10 Oct 2008 • 1 Night • Not available on DVD
Yvette Fielding and the team treat US fan to an extraordinarily special Most Haunted Live. For the very first time, the team investigated a fascinating piece of American history, the Battle of Gettysburg. The show was broadcast for seven hours from this incredible town in Pennsylvania.
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Village Of The Damned

25-31 Oct 2008 • 7 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 7
In the run up to Halloween, the Most Haunted team, fronted by Yvette Fielding, embark on their longest live event to date. The team will spend seven nights at North Wales Hospital in Denbigh. They start their investigation in the asylum that was closed in 1995 after nearly 200 years of service.
North Wales Hospital, Denbigh

The Search For Evil

10-16 Jan 2009 • 7 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 8
Yvette Fielding and her team of fearless ghost hunters are back for another week-long live investigation, taking in six creepy locations across Merseyside.
St. George's Hall, Liverpool
Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool
Stanley Dock, Liverpool
Central Library, Liverpool
Samlesbury Hall, Preston
Bidston Hall, Birkenhead

Eight Faces Of Evil

24-31 Oct 2009 • 8 Nights • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 8
Starting at the the Morecambe Winter Gardens, Yvette Fielding and the team are joined by medium Chris Conway as they head to the north-west of England for a Halloween special which spans eight nights.
Morecambe Winter Gardens, Lancashire
Palatine Hall, Lancashire
Lancaster Town Hall, Lancashire
Morecambe Antiques Centre, Lancashire
Carleton Nightclub, Lancashire
Ashton Hall, Lancashire
Judges' Lodgings, Lancashire
The Three Mariners Inn, Lancashire
Ashton Memorial, Lancashire
Lancaster Maritime Museum, Lancashire
Snatchems Golden Ball, Lancashire
Gallows Hill, Lancashire

The Silent Town

9-15 Jan 2010 • 7 Nights • Not available on DVD
Yvette Fielding leads the Most Haunted team into some of the most active paranormal hotspots at RAF West Raynham in Fackenham, Norfolk as they embark on a week long investigation of the former airbase.
RAF West Raynham, Norfolk

The Live Series - Episode 1

23 Jan 2010 • 1 Night • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 9
The team venture to Wales and the imposing looking Bodelwyddan Castle. The house and surrounding estate have had many uses during it's history, a recuperation hospital during the First World War, space for trench warfare training, and during the 1920s it was sold to Lowther College for use as a girl's school.
Bodelwyddan Castle, Denbighshire

The Live Series - Episode 2

30 Jan 2010 • 1 Night • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 9
Now appearing to be a red-brick farmhouse, Tatton Old Hall was once a grand timber framed building used by Richard De Massey, Lord of the Manor of Tatton during the late 13th century. In 1598 the Hall and surrounding estate were passed onto the Egerton family. It stayed with them for many generations, until it was sold to the National Trust in 1958.
Tatton Old Hall, Knutsford

The Live Series - Episode 3

6 Feb 2010 • 1 Night • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 9
Despite the land on which the Hall is situated having a good 1000 year history, construction on the Hall itself didn't begin until 1719, being completed some 13 years later in 1732. Fire nearly destroyed the property in 1861, leaving the whole central section of the building completely gutted. During the Second World War the owners turned the Hall over to the Red Cross for use as a hospital, the cellar area coming in useful as a bomb shelter for staff and patients.
Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield

The Live Series - Episode 4

13 Feb 2010 • 1 Night • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 9
Built between 1600 and 1605, the Hall was commissioned by the Shuttleworth family and thought to have been designed by Robert Smythson. The interior was re-designed in the 1850's by Sir Charles Barry. It is believed that Colonel Richard Shuttleworth, a man involved in the trial of the Pendle Witches in 1612, might haunt the building.
Gawthorpe Hall, Burnley

The Live Series - Episode 5

20 Feb 2010 • 1 Night • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 9
The home of the Hesketh family for many generations, Rufford Old Hall was built by Sir Thomas Hesketh in 1420. Originally it would have had two wings either end of the Great Hall, but over the years there have been major changes to the structure. The West wing is now completely gone and the East wing has been rebuilt. Very little of the original building now stands. One of the many ghosts said to haunt the building is Queen Elizabeth I, spotted often in the dining room.
Rufford Old Hall, Ormskirk

The Live Series - Episode 6

27 Feb 2010 • 1 Night • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 9
Golden Grove is set in 60 acres of park and woodland, looking across the Towy towards Aberglasney. It was originally a Tudor mansion owned by the Vaughan family, but passed into the possession of the Cawdors in 1804. They set about rebuilding it, from 1827 to 1832, into the structure we see today.
Golden Grove Mansion, Carmarthenshire

The Live Series - Episode 7

6 Mar 2010 • 1 Night • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 9
Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team spend a night behind bars at Lincoln Prison, a now disused jail, for the penultimate episode of their eight-part live series.
Lincoln Prison, Lincoln

The Live Series - Episode 8

13 Mar 2010 • 1 Night • The Best Of Most Haunted Live: Volume 9
Dalston Hall near Carlisle, Cumbria boasts an extraordinary range of ghosts. A non-human entity with long fingers and nails has been sensed in the cellar as has a friendlier 'handyman'. Several female spirits have also been seen.
Dalston Hall, Carlisle

Gothic Prague: Evil Within

25-28 Mar 2010 • 4 Nights • Not available on DVD
Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team spend four night in the Czech Republic town of Prague. The event starts with an investigation at the Old Town Hall, which was built in 1338 as part of the agreement with King John of Luxemburg for them to have a town council.
Old Town Hall Cellars, Prague
Prague Waterworks, Prague
Krivoklat Castle, Prague
Houska Castle, Prague

A Nightmare On East Drive

31 Oct 2015 • 1 Night • ReviewNewsWatch • Not available on DVD
For the first time since 2010 Most Haunted presents a live, interactive broadcast of an investigation. This Halloween special follows on from the two part investigation of 30 East Drive, Pontefract - home of The Black Monk.
30 East Drive, Pontefract

Accrington Police Station And Courts

31 Oct 2019 • 1 Night • ReviewNews • Not available on DVD
Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team return for Halloween 2019 with an investigation streamed live on YouTube from the abandoned, decaying and haunted old courts in Accrington.
Accrington Police Station & Courts, Lancashire

Botanic Gardens Museun

31 Oct 2021 • 1 Night • ReviewNews • Not available on DVD
With torrential rain lashing down on the Botanic Gardens Museum in Southport, Yvette Fielding ventured inside with her team of fearless ghost hunters on Halloween night for a paranormal investigation as 'Most Haunted Live!' returned.
Botanic Gardens Museum, Southport

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The first Most Haunted Live! aired from Dudley Castle on the night of Halloween 2002, after the first series of the show came to an end. Since then the team, which includes Yvette alongside her husband, Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell, have embarked on 43 live investigations, including the 2010 'Live Series' in which the team visited a different haunted locations each week for eight weeks.

In the early days the team were joined by spiritualist medium Derek Acorah for the investigation, which aired for only one night. Over time the events became bigger and better, often running for anything from three to eight consecutive nights, with the team visiting multiple locations or even a different city each night.

Following a five-year hiatus, Most Haunted Live! returned to our screens on Saturday 31st October, 2015 for a Halloween special from the infamous poltergeist house, 30 East Drive in Pontefract. The episode was broadcast on UKTV channel Really and remains the most watched programme in the channel's history since its launch in 2009.

Since 2015 there have been no live episodes, but several "as live" specials have been aired. These shows are shot in the same style as a live show, are unedited and are longer than a regular episode of the show. For Halloween 2016 one of these episode was shot at HMP Shrewsbury and the following year saw the team investigate Croxteth Hall in Liverpool on Halloween night.

While fans love the "as live" show, there's no denying that they'd love a fully live edition of Most Haunted, but is there one on the cards? The team were recently asked this question during a live online Q&A session.

Yvette confessed that she is frustrated that they can't take the show out as a live broadcast, she said, "if the truth be told, it pisses me off because we should be doing them live."

The show's producer, Karl added, "nobody wants a 'live' more than us, we all want it exactly the same," and added "we are doing are absolute best and we are hoping to bring you something one day."

As frustrating as it is, Karl promised to let fans know of any updated on social media, and said "we so desperately want to do a 'live', because we know you guys love it. The 'lives' are always the life blood of Most Haunted, it was a way for us to see lots of the fans all in one place, we can talk to them about the show, what they like, what they don't like."

An update came in August 2018, when Karl tweeted: "Sadly UKTV has made it very clear to us that they don't have the appetite for a Most Haunted Live despite our best efforts for a number of years and your petitions and emails asking for one. So, if we do a paranormal live show on Halloween it will not be on the UKTV network."
For reviews of all of the new episodes, plus highlights and evidence from the shows, and to find out when Most Haunted is on next, visit the Most Haunted episode guide.

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