Most Haunted At Fort Paull, Part One - Series 17, Episode 4 Review

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Most Haunted At Fort Paull

Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team start their two-part investigation of fort, which dates back to 1542. In the first part the team investigate the paranormal activity that's been reported above ground.

The fort dates back to 1542, when King Henry VIII commissioned defence for ports on the River Humber, and the city of Kingston-Upon-Hull. 100 years later, King Charles I ordered the construction of the second Fort Paull, just prior to the outbreak of the English Civil War.

This war took its tool on the fort, there was considerable cannon fire damaged the structure, but it continued to server the armed forces. The fort was used as a training base between the two world wards and during WWII, it was converted into a magazine serving the Russian convoys.

The fort closed in 1960, but four years later it was taken over by the Friend Of Fort Paull, who began to restore it as a museum.

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Is Fort Paull Haunted?

Yvette Fielding & Glen Hunt - Most Haunted, Fort Paull

A transport plane called the Blackburn Beverley sits within the walls of the museum, it was first built in 1954 and used in training exercises up and down the Humber. Ghostly footsteps, strange noises, and the ghost of an RAF airman have been seen in the plane, coming down the stairs.

Demonologist, Fred Batt, speculates that although the plane was never in active service during a war, there was a service man who has a lot to do with the plane who died a couple of years ago, he says it could be him coming back. Fred said, "in 1946, when the war was over, he was used as a reserve, and he actually flew this plane up and down the Humber."

In an old train carriage the ghost of a woman wearing Victorian clothing has been seen. The carriage was a military restaurant cart that would have done many runs across Germany from 1945, right up until 1991. It would have carried many soldiers. The carriage itself isn't from Victorian times, but Fred reminds us that the ground it's stood on was extensively used in Victorian times.

The show's resident skeptic Glen Hunt, say he can't understand how a spirit could attach itself to a train carriage, "is this Victorian lady said to have died on the train? Was there some kind of incident? It doesn't make sense to me."

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The Train Carriage

Most Haunted At Fort Paull

The investigation started in the train carriage. Yvette was gather with Fred and Karl Beattie around EVP expert, Eamonn Vann-Harris' equipment. Eamonn said that he'd already heard spirit voices, "it's been really active actually, there's been a lot coming through the two-way machine."

With his promise that, "we're going to have a really active night," he turned his EVP machine on and the random garbled sounds began. As Yvette called out and asked questions, Karl spun around with the camera after hearing what sounded like a woman's laugh behind him. Eamonn said, "it was a disembodied voice, it was separate from the actual speakers."

Yvette then called out, "if there's a lady here, please can you tap or make a noise." The team heard in response a definite and very clear tapping sound coming from one of the tables. She then asked, "if this is a lady I'm talking to can you tap twice?" This question was followed by two knocks.

They then once again gathered around Eamonn's machine to see if anything had been recorded while Yvette was calling out, but it seemed to be nothing but garbled noise. However, when they were listening a ghost-like "woo" sound could be heard coming from the other end of the carriage.

Yvette then started smelling perfume, which Fred and Karl both said they were picking up on.

The Blackburn Beverley

Most Haunted At Fort Paull

Meanwhile Glen was aboard the Blackburn Beverley with Stuart Torevell and Darren Hutchinson. Stuart was calling out to the spirits, "is there anybody in this aircraft with us now? Any pilots, any crew?" But it initially proved to be quiet, Stuart suggested this could be "the calm before the storm."

Perhaps Yvette will have more luck in here, as the teams swap around.
Most Haunted At Fort Paull

Yvette, Karl, Fred and Eamonn boarded the huge cargo plane, they straight got more action that the others had. They heard lots of knocks and bangs coming from the upper deck of the plane and went to investigate.

The knocks started responding to Yvette's questions, tapping once for yes and twice for no. They deduced that the spirit had flown on the plane and was fond of it, but wasn't the pilot.

Although Yvette and the gang got a bit of activity here, it was the train carriage that was again proving to be the most active.

The Train Carriage

Most Haunted At Fort Paull

On the train carriage, Darren wasn't happy, saying it felt cold and that he didn't like it at one end of the carriage. Glen was armed with a new toy, an infrared thermometer, which he used to take a temperature reading of the train's window.

Darren said, "there is definitely something trying draw the energy out of the air here." And perhaps he was right, as the window dropped in a fairly short space of time from 8°C to just 0°C. At one point it dropped one whole degree in just 30 seconds.

In a voice over, Yvette explains that a drop in temperature of two degrees or more in a short space of time is considered significant. Glen did go outside the train to measure the temperature there, which Yvette says was "considerably higher than the carriage."

Of course, these type of thermometers don't measure air temperature, they are laser thermometers which read the surface temperature of whatever you point them at. Having said that, this is some of the best evidence I've ever seen on Most Haunted because there was a substantial drop in temperature that was scientifically recorded over a short space of time using a reliable instrument.

Final Scare

Yvette Fielding Screaming Most Haunted

Yvette and Karl did one last vigil in part of the museum, which was dressed up to look like a military dental surgery. Before they even got into the building they heard tapping.

Approaching the grim display Yvette said, "I don't like that, how creepy, that's horrib..." but her words were cut short and she let out an almighty and prolonged scream, and ran from the building with a worried Karl following.

Outside Yvette was in tears, Karl asked her what was the matter and she sobbed, "something just whispered in my ear." It seems that in the panic Yvette had hurt her leg and arm, she said, "I felt something touch my head and then I heard something whisper in my ear."

Despite her shock, the investigation was far from over. In the second part the team are going to head down in to the warren of pitch black underground tunnels under the fort.

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