Most Haunted At Keighley Bus Museum - Series 21, Episode 8 Review

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Keighley Bus Museum

A bus museum is far from the stereotypical haunted location, but the museum in Keighley, Yorkshire proved to be a spooky location for Yvette Fielding and her ghost hunting team this Friday night, the 10th of November at 10pm on Really.

What makes Keighley Bus Museum so creepy is that the museum is packed full of old buses from every era, each one has its own history and story. A lot of the vehicles are past their best and are now in a state of disrepair making them all the more disconcerting.

If that wasn't enough, the depot was formerly a foundry and it too has a very grim past with stories of suicide, accidental death and plenty of ghost stories.

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Is Keighley Bus Museum Haunted?

Yvette Fielding & Glen Hunt At Keighley Bus Museum

Before the team got stuck into the investigation, Yvette took the show's skeptic Glen Hunt around the location to get his opinion on the depot's dark past.

One part of the museum which is said to be haunted is the spiral staircase which leads to the upper floor. People have reported hearing whispers and growls here and some have even said they've been pushed by an unknown force.

The spook which haunts this particular location is thought to be the spirit of a night watchman who took is own life by throwing himself into a huge vat of molten metal.

Glen points out that the spiral staircase itself could explain away some of the feelings of unease experienced here. He thinking that people rushing up and down to get there work down are forced to spin around three or four times by the spiral, this could cause dizziness and trick people's senses.

Up on the second floor is an area where two old rusting furnaces stand. It's in one of these furnaces that a security guard is said to have fallen in and was killed by the intense heat. All that was found of the man were his legs and many believe his ghost wanders the building.

Glen posed the question, "if you died in such horrible circumstances, surely the last thing you want to do while you're in the realm of eternal life is stick around this particular area, because this is the height of grim?"

Yvette's not so sure, "none of us know what happens when we die, nobody does".

Then there's the buses themselves, Glen says that because the depot is open to the elements, they should expect to here the meal contact and creek throughout the night. This could explain some of the knocks and bangs they're likely to hear, "I'm expecting to hear noises but perfectly natural noises".

Glen also says that, even though each bus has a story to tell, they might not initially seem that creepy, but some of the buses are no longer used, if you likened them to a house they would be derelict, and psychologically that might create an unnerving feeling aboard.

The depot is partly open to the elements, part are very messy and in need of repair, Glen points out that they need to rule out sounds which could be bits of the old roof falling in, or birds roosting in the eves.

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On The Buses

Keighley Bus Museum Yvette Fielding

The episode was one of the slowest in the series so far, most of the evidence the team collected was aboard one of the buses and came in the form of knocks, bangs and crashes which sounded like someone hitting the side of the bus.

Yvette was first to climb aboard with camera man Gregg Smith and sound guy, Darren Hutchinson. They heard tapping straight away, a high pitched squeak and interestingly, the whole bus seemed to start swaying back and forth.

While on a bus alone, Yvette heard what sounded like something on the roof and noted a change in her surrounding, "the temperature is dropping, it's getting colder in here now".

Karl Beattie also held a vigil alone on the top deck of one of the buses, he heard footsteps coming towards him and felt uneasy, he said "you really don't feel only up here, you feel like there's loads of people with you".

While bickering in the amusing way they do, Yvette and Karl then climbed aboard a bus together, Yvette calling out to the spirits asked "can you tap out how many of you are with us?" There were five distinct knocks.

The Furnace Room

Fred Batt At Keighley Bus Museum

At another point in the show, demonologist Fred Batt went to investigate the two furnaces, the scene of an accidental death. He too experienced bangs which sounded like object being thrown.

He also befriended a ghost called John. He called out, "I don't know your name but I'll call you John for now. John I know you're hear and I respect the fact that you let me know that you are here, if you want me to go make a really big bang and I'll leave you in peace".

Just as the words had come out of his mouth there was a huge crash, "alright, you frightened the life out of me then, John". And keeping to his word, Fred left the area to leave the spirit in peace.

In another part of the building, Karl and Darren experienced a breathy growl. Darren said "I just heard something really freaky over there," pointing into the shadows of the dark tunnels they were exploring.

Meanwhile, on the depot floor, Yvette, Glen, Fred and Gregg experienced clear whistling sounds which seemed to mimic Yvette's.
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