Most Haunted At Weir Mill - Series 20, Episode 5 Review

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Stuart Attacked On Most Haunted

Stuart Torevell, a member of the fearless Most Haunted team was taken home after receiving medical attention following a mysterious incident at a haunted cotton mill in Stockport in one of the show's most terrifying episodes to date.

Stuart, along with Yvette Fielding and the rest of the show's team investigate Weir Mill on the bank of the River Mersey in this week's new episode of the long-running ghost hunting show which airs at 9pm on Friday 12th May on Really.

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Weir Mill Most Haunted

There's been a mill on the site since 1790 and it's fair to say the building has had a gruesome past, most notably a fire which destroyed one of the mill's buildings in 1831 and many reported deaths including the alleged deaths of seven children in an accident.

In the 1980s the history of building takes a turn for the worse and gets much darker. It's claimed that after the closure of the mill, the building was abandoned and lay empty for many years and it's during this time that occultists used the building as somewhere to perform devil worship and conducted Satanic rituals. Since then people in the building have reported seeing a seven-foot-tall wraithlike figure with half a face roaming the building.

Today the building is used as an airsoft venue but even over the sound of BB gun shots, visitors to the building still report seeing dark shadows, poltergeist activity and often hear the sound of children playing.

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Demonic Activity On The Upper Levels

Yvette Fielding And Fred Batt

As always the team split in two, while most of the team head up to the top floor of the mill, Stuart ended up elsewhere in the building on his own. Stuart seemed a little lost, disorientated and uncomfortable in the dark, although there wasn't really any signs of anything paranormal going on around him.

However, upstairs the rest of the team were about to experience one of their most frightening investigations ever and it had a sinister, Satanic twist... right up resident-demonologist Fred Batt's street then. The team's skeptic, Glen Hunt wasn't so convinced by claims of witchcraft in the mill. He told Yvette, "I just don't buy any of that, I really don't."

Yvette reminded him that since the Satanic rituals performed here in the 80s, people had reported seeing the half-face, wraithlike figure. Glen responded to this by saying, "I'm not dismissing that people are hearing things or thinking they see things, they probably are but are they really hearing and seeing the dead? I'm not convinced. As for seeing some seven-foot-tall shadowy person with half a face, is this story coming out of the 1980s when the place was lying desolate and people were coming in and could have been on anything off their face?"

Whether you side with Glen or not, what occurred on the upper levels of the mill was pretty terrifying. If I had been there I would have ran out long before the investigation ended. There were some scarily loud bangs and crashes from all around the team, which would have had me worrying that there was someone else in the building, despite the fact some of the noises came from rooms that were entirely empty.
Fred Batt Protection Circle

This was the perfect chance for Fred to show off his demon-taming skills, he started by making a ring of salt on the ground to offer protection, he explained, "salt's a protection thing, this circle will protect those are that are inside it. When I call something up, it'll only come to the outside of this circle, it won't enter the circle."

Yvette was the first to jump into the circle to seek refuge from negative energies but Karl raised a really good point, if you're on a ghost hunt, why would you want to be protected from ghosts? He protested to Yvette, "we're here to experience everything though aren't we? I don't understand, why do you want to get in the circle? what could possibly be the point?"

Fred then started to call out for evil spirits by quoting Enigma lyrics from his secret book, "procedamus in pace, in nomine Christi, Amen." Karl gave the camera a sceptical look as Fred continued with his incantation, "in the name of Satan, open the gates of hell to come forth to greet me as your brother and friend."

After hearing a few unexplained bumps and bangs, Karl wanted more and was thought that the best way to do it was to antagonise the spirits by breaking Fred's salt circle, something Yvette was definitely against as Fred said doing so could be very dangerous.

Ignoring Fred's warnings, Karl broke the salt circle with his foot and it was roughly at this point that they noticed that Stuart hadn't returned from his lone vigil over an hour ago.

What Happened To Stuart?

Stuart Attacked On Most Haunted

After being left alone to wander the lower floors in the dark for over an hour, Stuart failed to meet up with the rest of the team. Worried, Karl went to look for him and was astonished by what he found.

Stuart was slouched against a wall in the dark, his clothes were covered in dirt and he had a nasty cut on his face.

Karl obviously concerned for Stuart's wellbeing said, "you're covered in crap, what's happened?" All Stuart says in reply is, "I just need to go home now, that's all I want to do."

Taking a closer look at Stuart's injury, Karl says "Stu, that's a bad cut man" and again asked what happened, Stuart says "I honestly don't know."

After receiving medical attention, presumably to have his cut cleaned up, Stuart's night was over and he was taken home leaving us none the wiser about how he had ended up in this state.

Was Stuart Attacked? Watch The Video And Decide...

The night ended with the team upstairs returning to the broken circle of salt where they found that Fred's ritual items, a cross and skull, had been moved by an unknown force. Fred suggested that this was because his circle has been broken, allowing a spirit entry into the circle.

It was another eventful episode of Most Haunted with some terrifying bangs, a team member taken out of action and some seemingly paranormal activity at the hands of a demonic spirit... but the standout moment of this week's show was when Karl walk into a piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling.
Karl Scared On Most Haunted

GORT Rolls Into Action

Ghost Observing Robotic Tracker

We were first introduced to "GORT" in the second episode of the series, but we hadn't seen him in action until this week. Karl described GORT as "a highly modified remote control car" with a camera mounted onboard and an array of infrared sensors which help it navigate and in case you're wondering, GORT stands for Ghost Observing Robotic Tracker.

The bot was left to roam about the mill in this week's show and managed to capture some interesting footage on his mounted GoPro. As he rolls across the floor towards an open door, it slowly swings closed in front of him. GORT approaches the door and nudges it, but it won't open, as if something is pushing it from the other side. Spooky.
Friday is now #Frightday as the new series comes to Really from April 14th. Watch on Freeview (17), Sky (155) and Virgin Media (129), or watch previous episodes of Most Haunted on demand on the UKTV Player.

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