Most Haunted Catch A Ghost On Camera In Their "Most Groundbreaking" Footage Ever

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Most Haunted's Wentworth Ghost Explained
Most Haunted finally catch a ghost on camera after shooting over 200 episodes at some of the UK's spookiest locations.

In the latest episode of the long-running, British ghost hunting show, Yvette Fielding and team caught a figure on camera which Yvette describes as the show's "most groundbreaking footage" to date.

It was crew members Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell who caught the eerie figure on camera walking up some steps during a nighttime vigil in part of the derelict stable block at Wentworth Woodhouse, a Grade I listed country house in the village of Wentworth, South Yorkshire.

The show's presenter Yvette, admitted that she actually burst into tears, "I was so excited and overwhelmed with the fact that, all of these years on Most Haunted, to me, that is the best piece of paranormal evidence."
Most Haunted's Wentworth Ghost

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Karl had rested the camera just inside a doorway, looking out at a dark corridor when Stuart spotted the figure which was also caught on camera. Believing it to be another member of the team or someone else in the building, Stuart chased after the figure only to find there was no one else on that floor.

What makes this sighting unique is that it was witnessed by two different teams of investigators in different locations simultaneously. While Karl and Stuart saw the figure upstairs, Yvette spotted the same shadowy figure at the same time from the ground floor while looking up at a balcony.

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"That is an amazing piece of footage, and the first time I saw it, I actually burst into tears."
Yvette Fielding
The Most Haunted team were the first paranormal researchers to be allowed to investigate inside the dilapidated stable block, which is said to be haunted. Although the footage is some of the best ever captured on the show, Yvette says that instead of it being the answer they had been looking for, it's just given the team more questions, "was it the spirit of a long-dead soul, a doppelgänger, a 'stone tape' replay, or something else we are never supposed to understand?"

Since the episode aired on Friday 21st April viewers have also been questioning the footage, there has been a lot of debate amongst fans of the show as to whether the spooky sighting is real evidence of the paranormal or nothing more than television trickery.
"People would assume that it was drawn on in post-production... totally out of the question."
Glen Hunt
Rather than shying away from criticism, Yvette decided to address the elephant in the room and has made a video statement along with the show's resident skeptic, Glen Hunt.

In the ten minute video exclusive on the Really website Yvette and Glen re-examine the footage, talk us through how it was captured and some of their theories on what the apparition might be. Glen starts off by reassuring viewers that the video was captured on a normal television camera and had not been doctored. He goes as far as to show us the raw footage being loaded directly from the camera and played back, proving that the footage "couldn't possibly be tampered with."
The Stables, Wentworth Woodhouse

The pair ruled out a few possible theories which could be responsible for the figure on the film, including the phenomenon of "ghosting" when an image previously captured on video tape bleeds through to new footage if that tape isn't erased properly. In this case, this isn't possible as Most Haunted uses flash memory cards in their cameras which completely overwrite anything which has previously been on the card when recorded on.

Many viewers who suggested the footage was faked said that they thought the figure seen walking up the stairs could have been Stuart, but using Stuart seems like an unnecessary complication and as Yvette said herself, "if we were going to fake this, why would we fake it with Stuart?"

Glen argues that it can't be Stuart walking up the stairs, although he's out of view behind the camera at the time of the sighting, as soon as the ghost appears he can be seen running in to the shot to chase the figure into the darkness.

Yvette and Glen claim that logic dictates that if you were to fake a clip like this, you wouldn't use a recognisable member of the crew. Glen says "the right thing to do would be to put a stable boy in there, somebody dressed as a stable boy," so according to the pair, it wasn't am actor dressed as a stereotypical male, it was a ghost which looked like Stuart, in fact Yvette believes the vision is Stuart.

Yvette explains that the Wentworth Ghost is a classic example of "stone tape theory," this is a belief that the "stones of a building act as video tape and actually record people and things happening and then play it back," the classic example is Roman soldiers walking through a now-bricked up doorway.

The general consensus amongst the team is that the figure caught on camera is in fact a stone tape recording of Most Haunted's very own investigator, Stuart Torevell. Yvette says that Stuart "must have only been walking up there moments before, it was replayed to everybody" and captured on camera.

Still unsure? Glen offers some further clarification, "there's no rule book to say that any apparition that replays itself has to be from hundreds of years ago, who's to say that the building hasn't some how recorded the image of Stuart earlier in the day when he was reccying the building before we even got the cameras out of the boxes."

So it seems what we've experienced is a playback of a moment when Stuart was walking around the building earlier that day, which Glen and Yvette take as proof of the stone tape theory.
"To date, this has to be the most groundbreaking footage we have ever captured."
Yvette Fielding
Friday is now #Frightday as the new series comes to Really from April 14th. Watch on Freeview (17), Sky (155) and Virgin Media (129), or watch previous episodes of Most Haunted on demand on the UKTV Player.

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