The Ghosts Of Texas' Most Haunted Hotel Take Centre Stage In New Paranormal Documentary

March 09, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ DocumentariesParanormal

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Olde Parke, Texas
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A paranormal team spend the night in a grim-looking hotel in Texas for a new paranormal documentary and claim they experienced "a week's worth of activity" in one night.

The Olde Park Hotel stands in the small town of Ballinger, Texas. Dating back to 1886, it has the reputation for being one of the most haunted buildings in the state.

The ghost hunting group, Everything Vaguely Paranormal, spend the night at the hotel for one of the most comprehensive and detailed documentaries ever produced on the historic haunted hotel. 'Olde Parke โ€“ A True Tale of a West Texas Haunt' drops exclusively on the streaming platform on Friday, March 10.

You can watch the official trailer for the documentary below...

The team, consisting of Blake Smith, Shelly Pruitt and Ryan Roberts teamed up with Eric Conner, Billy Lewis and to investigate one of the most haunted hotels in the United States, and claim "this was one of those rare investigations where in one night we got a week's worth of activity."

The team describe the evidence gathered and compiled during the making of the documentary as both shocking and jaw dropping. They state in the film, "it never stops every time that we come here it never disappoints it is heavy from the moment that you walk in."

With so many reports of paranormal experiences occurring at this haunted hotel, and the promise that the documentary will leave even the fiercest skeptics dumbfounded, will this one-hour-55-minute-long film convince you that ghost exist?

With unique equipment, an experienced team, and claims that the building could be hiding a paranormal portal allowing entities to enter the realm of the living, this is one investigation that's not to be missed.

'Olde Parke โ€“ A True Tale of a West Texas Haunt' streams on demand from Friday, March 10 on, a streaming platform dedicated to the paranormal, horror, true crime and monsters. All this can be yours for just $4.99 a month.

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