16 Female Ghost Hunters We Love

March 08, 2021 6:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Our 16 favourite female ghost hunters, the best-known, most famous, and most respected female investigators and researchers from the paranormal world, including television hosts, authors, and full time ghost hunters.

Amy Allan

Amy Allan

Amy Allan can currently be seen on 'The Dead Files', she's a paranormal investigator, healer, and an open minded skeptic.

Amy has been a medium all her life and now offers paranormal investigations to the public, and has also assisted detectives with their cases. Amy's mission is to help others to understand what type of ability they have and how to best serve the public with that said ability.

Amy Bruni

Amy Bruni

Like many of the paranormal researchers on this list, Amy grew up in a haunted house which lead to a passion for the supernatural. Her family were supportive of her interest, as her father was an amateur paranormal investigator himself.

Amy is a member of T.A.P.S. and is now most famous for her role on 'Ghost Hunters'. With over 20 years of paranormal research under her belt, she is now traveling around the US sharing her knowledge with other paranormal teams, as well as lecturing on the history of paranormal investigation.

Carrie Poppy

Carrie Poppy

Carrie Poppy is an investigator of paranormal and spiritual claims, her journey into the world of the supernatural started eight years ago when she experienced a haunting in her L.A. home.

Carrie has taken part in over 70 investigations for her podcast 'Oh No, Ross and Carrie!' along with her co-host, Ross, she says that 100% of the time, science can explain away any paranormal claims.

But despite being skeptical, Carrie proved during a TED talk in Vienna, that she is passionate about the paranormal, shouting excitedly at the audience "maybe one time it'll turn out to be true, maybe we'll find out there are ghosts and holy s**t, it'll be the best thing!"

Charlene Lowe Kemp

Charlene Lowe Kemp - Paranormal Hauntings

With one of the biggest followings of any paranormal team on Facebook, Paranormal Hauntings is a force to be reckoned with. Charlene Lowe Kemp and her team mates work hard to bring followers of Paranormal Hauntings regular ghost hunting content driven by the mere passion for discovery of the unknown and evidence of the paranormal, rather than chasing fame and fortune like other live streamers in the paranormal community.

Jayne Harris

Jayne Harris

British paranormal investigator, Jayne Harris has shot to fame in the paranormal world over the past few years as a self-styled "ghostorian", founder of HD Paranormal Events, and a lead investigator on 'Help! My House Is Haunted'. Jayne also appears in the Really show, 'Unexplained Caught On Camera'. In 2020 Jayne was honoured with the Coronavirus Community Spirit Award in the 2020 Paranormal Entertainment Awards, celebrating her hard work over a really difficult 12 months as she went above and beyond to raise spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Katrina Weidman

Portals To Hell: Fort William Henry - Katrina Weidman

Katrina Weidman is best known for the television show 'Paranormal Lockdown', in which she spent 72 hours locked inside a haunted property with her co-host Nick Groff. He TV career started on 'Paranormal State', which followed her investigations as part of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS). More recently Katrina has teamed up with Jack Osbourne on the series 'Portals To Hell'. Katrina was the PRS case manager between 2006 and 2011, and her interest in the paranormal stems back to her time living in a haunted house when she was a child.

Kris Williams

Kris Williams – Ghost Hunters International

Before working with 'Ghost Hunters' Kris Williams worked as a flooring and carpenter fitter for three years. She's featured in 83 episodes of 'Ghost Hunters' and well as 23 episodes of 'Ghost Hunters International'.

As well as a paranormal investigator, Kris is also known for her acting work in 'Diabolical Tales: Part II', 'Jesus', 'Mary and Joey', and 'The Lady Red Trio'.

Lorraine Warren

Ed & Lorraine Warren

The late Lorraine Warren, was a world-renowned "demonologist," who dedicated her life to exploring, authenticating, and documenting some of the most famous paranormal incidents ever reported.

Lorraine and her husband, Ed's work was so well respected in the paranormal field that movies have been made based on their investigations, including 'The Conjuring' and 'Annabelle'. Most notably the Warrens tackled the infamous and controversial Amityville haunting, they hunted down the legendary Big Foot and they came into possession of a haunted doll by the name of Annabelle.

MJ Dickson

MJ Dickson

Warwickshire-based MJ Dickson is consider by many to be one of the UK's top female paranormal investigators. She's known for her appearances in Pick's 'Paranormal Captured', and has worked on shows 'Most Terrifying Places' and 'Paranormal Lockdown'. MJ is a well-known lecturer, media contributor, and convention panelist. She hosts events through her company, Sage Paranormal, and organises the annual Sage Paracon, Britain's biggest paranormal convention.

Penny Griffiths-Morgan

Penny Griffiths-Morgan - Paranormal Playtimes: The School That Never Sleeps

Podcast host and writer, Penny Griffiths-Morgan, is a true history buff with a life-long passion for the paranormal. Penny's three books draw on her person experience as a well-known and respected ghost hunter, they are a must-read for anyone who shares her love of history combined with the paranormal. She's perhaps best-known for her paranormal podcast, 'Haunted Histories', which has gained a loyal following since its launch in 2017.

Samantha Hawes

Samantha Hawes

'Ghost Hunters' investigator, Samantha Hawes was introduced into paranormal research at a young age by her father who co-founded T.A.P.S. the paranormal group who the show revolve around.

Samantha has had plenty of paranormal experiences, including during the ten years of investigation with her father, and for the television show.

Sandy Lakdar

The Dolphin, Littlehampton - Help! My House Is Haunted

The French paranormal investigator, Sandy Lakdar, is best known for her appearance in the first series of the ghost hunting show, 'Help! My House Is Haunted' and has appeared in other media projects including 5STAR's 'Celebrity Ghost Hunt: Haunted Holiday'. Sandy is currently working on her documentary, 'For the Love of Ghosts', which follows Sandy as she returns to the UK to try to get to the bottom of the country's obsession for the paranormal.

Sara Whyman

'Are You Haunted...?' At Tutbury Castle

Sara Whyman is the brains behind the paranormal web series, 'Are You Haunted...?', which she stars in alongside her husband, Phil. In the show, which is now in its second series, Sara and her team investigate hauntings using a rational and back-to-basics approach, this has earned the gang respect as one the most credible and respected teams in the field.

Shari DeBenedetti

Shari DeBenedetti

Shari DeBenedetti joined the 'Ghosthunters' team in 2016 and has taken part in 13 investigations with the T.A.P.S. team. Shari became interested in the paranormal field at a young age and began to research and investigate the subject at the age of 25 after discovering her house was haunted. She start investigating with her friends and eventually formed a team.

Susan Slaughter

Susan Slaughter

Susan, who openly identifies as a witch, has taken part in 20 paranormal investigations with 'Ghost Hunters International'. As well as being known as a paranormal researcher, she's also has a love for the dramatic arts on stage. Not only did she excel in musical theatre growing up, but also in costume design and stage direction.

Yvette Fielding

Yvette Fielding Halloween

With more than 250 paranormal investigations under her belt with the 'Most Haunted' team, Yvette really is one of the longest running ghost hunters in the game.

Yvette rose to fame in the late 80s when she became the youngest ever presenter of the long-running British kids show, 'Blue Peter'. Since 2002, Yvette has been the host of 'Most Haunted'. But not only does she front the show, she also devised and produces it along with her husband Karl through their own television production company, Antix Productions.


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