WATCH: 'Wonder Women: Superstars of Paranormal' At Comic-Con@Home

July 25, 2020 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevision

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Wonder Women: Superstars of Paranormal
Like many events due to take place in 2020, this year's San Diego Comic Con became a virtual event due to the ongoing pandemic. This year all the panels became virtual events taking place online.

The line-up included a panel that was right up our street called 'Wonder Women: Superstars of Paranormal'. The panel featured some of the biggest female stars from Travel Channel’s multiple hit ghost hunting series. The female ghost hunters spent 45 minutes talking to fans about their own ghost stories and offered firsthand advice on how to become a successful paranormal investigator.

On the bill was Katrina Weidman from 'Paranormal Lockdown', and more recently 'Portals To Hell' in which she stars alongside Jack Osbourne. Together they investigates some of the darkest places on Earth. Katrina has dedicated her life to paranormal research and lecturing in this field.

Katrina was joined by veteran paranormal investigator and star of the popular series 'Kindred Spirits' star Amy Bruni. Along with our co-host Adam Berry, Amy - who also serves as co-executive producer on the show - helps those tormented by paranormal activity by giving a voice to the dead.

Next up, bringing her unique skills to the table was Cindy Kaza, a psychic medium with a gift for connecting with the dead. Cindy stars in the 'Holzer Files', where along with Dave Schrader and Shane Pittman, she reopens the case files for America's first ghost hunter, Hans Holzer. You may have also seen her alongside Katrina in a few episodes of 'Portals To Hell'. You can usually find Cindy with a notepad and a Sharpie, as she's best known for her automatic writing skills which allow spirits to communicate directly through her via freeform writing.

Last but not least is the newest member of the Travel Channel family, Chelsea Laden. As a paranormal explorer, Chelsea stars in 'Destination Fear' along with her brother Dakota and friend Tanner. She's probably spent more days than she would have liked on a terrifying cross-country road
trip to America's scariest locations, spending the night at each one alone.

The virtual panel was moderated by Liz Melcher, a talent executive for Travel Channel who works closely with the channel's roster of on-air hosts and experts.

Liz introduced viewers around the world to the discussion, "I'm so excited to moderate this incredible panel that we have in store for you today featuring a few of the most amazing women in paranormal. We've got paranormal investigators, researchers, explorers and a psychic medium, who are on the front lines when it comes to hunting ghosts and investigating truly terrifying places."

"I've known these women for quite awhile and can tell you they don't back down from a haunting they look fear right in the eye and keep going with every investigation. They're also breaking new ground for women in this area, challenging gender roles and redefining what it means to be tough and fearless in the face of the unexplained."

"As host of Travel Channel's most popular series, we're gonna hear from these superstars directly about their experiences biggest challenges scariest moments, and any advice they have for any of you who might want to get involved in this field."

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