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  • Does AI Know As Much About The Paranormal As A Human Researcher?

    February 10, 2023

    With all the talk about AI chat bots lately, we wanted to see whether the "knowledge" of a chat bot could be passed off as a genuine understanding of the paranormal.

  • Formal Training Requirements For Paranormal Investigators

    February 09, 2023

    If you are conducting a paranormal investigation for a distressed client who believes their house is haunted, then there are a few key skills that you should have.

  • Haunted House Of Fire

    February 08, 2023

    The Haunted House of Fire - Connor and India visit a Denver firehouse said to be haunted by the ghosts of firefighters and those they couldn't save. Little do they know that they are embarking on one of most active investigations they have ever done - complete with an Estes method that will blow their minds.

  • Scary Clowns & Haunted Dolls: Unmasking The Cracking Man

    February 06, 2023

    Are you afraid of clowns? Maybe you should be. When a “do not open” sign is ignored, a woman finds herself haunted by "The Cracking Man", a frightening clown doll with a noisy presence. In this episode, Greg dates a Christian clown, Dana stumbles into paranormal ASMR, the gang cracks a cursed doll case, and Connor digs up a terrifying true story of possession-by-clown. Get ready to enter the Big Top, because it's time to stoke your coulrophobia, baby!

  • Photographic Phantoms: A Spirit Photography Quiz

    February 06, 2023

    Put your knowledge of the history and methods of spirit photography to the test and test your understanding of optical illusions and ghostly apparitions.

  • My Haunted Hotel Episode 4 Season 2

    February 05, 2023

    Harry is growing increasingly concerned with the changes in the building as more guests arrive for their investigations. Thursday night produces another highlight moment from the UK's most haunted hotel.

  • The Ghosts Of The WWII German Underground Hospital In Guernsey

    February 05, 2023

    Instagram: @DeadAirOfficial

  • The Haunted Castle In The Coalfields

    February 03, 2023

    WE were SHOCKED by the paranormal activity that confronts us inside one of the most historic buildings in West Virginia! When we go inside this Castle in the Coalfields, we find out the haunting activity inside is more extreme than we ever anticipated... Is it the spirits of this massive building giving us a warm welcome? Or did something FOLLOW us here to show us no matter where we go, we can not escape them.

  • The Haunted Hotel Of Horror

    February 02, 2023

    Connor and India travel to the haunted town of Victor, CO to investigate a horror themed hotel. A former saloon, brothel, and casino, do the ghosts of those who once partied within the Black Monarch hotel still linger the true crime embellished rooms?

  • Citizen Science & The Paranormal

    January 30, 2023

    How citizen science techniques can be used to investigate the psychological and social factors associated with the belief in ghosts and other paranormal phenomena.

  • The Cutthroat: The Night A Demon Trapped Us

    January 29, 2023

    Twin Paranormal go to the haunted Cutthroat brewing company and find an evil spirit lurking inside… with some of the most intense paranormal activity they’ve ever recorded, maybe this place will finally give the guys the answers they have been waiting for?! This is one of the most haunted places the guys have ever visited and is truly terrifying.

  • My Haunted Hotel Episode 3 Season 2

    January 29, 2023

    A week which presents a rare opportunity for the guys to investigate the hotel. The dark energy within the building is now increasing weekly as things begin to take a sinister turn.

  • Join Kate Ray On Her Journey Into The Realm Of Fairies

    January 29, 2023

    Kate Ray tells us how she's trying to demystify the realm of the fae on her YouTube channel, a treasure trove of knowledge on elementals and the paranormal.

  • The Ouija Survey: Exploring Beliefs & Experiences

    January 28, 2023

    Help us unlock the mysteries of the Ouija board by taking our anonymous survey and sharing a little about your beliefs, experiences and opinions on these boards.

  • Paranormal Quest's Shocking Night In America's Most Haunted Hotel

    January 27, 2023

    The Crescent Hotel is believed by many to be the most haunted hotel in America! Tonight, we will get to investigate this hotel in a way very few other paranormal investigators have gotten to... ALONE. No other guests are inside this hotel, as it is closed for renovations. Thanks to @KalaniGhostHunter we are going to get to turn the lights off, turn on night vision and search for the spirits who are said to still haunt this impressive and historic hotel. Guests have had paranormal encounters with ghosts, spirits, unseen energies, poltergeists, apparitions, shadow figures, and MORE! The secrets hidden inside this building shocked us, and we know they'll shock you!

  • Danny Moss Has Announced His Next Ghost Hunting Project

    January 27, 2023

    Danny Moss has revealed his latest supernatural project, which will see him embark on a solo journey to capture unexplained phenomena in a new online series.

  • Travel The Dead: Pennhurst Asylum - Part 3

    January 26, 2023

    Having experienced strange goings on the third floor of the Mayflower Building, the team decide to move on to the second floor to see if the activity continues.

  • New Haunted House Ride Set To Terrify Guests At Alton Towers

    January 26, 2023

    Alton Towers has announce the upcoming opening of The Curse at Alton Manor, a new sinister twist on their iconic and much-loved haunted house ride.

  • A Haunted Encounter Inside This Terrifying Hospital

    January 25, 2023

    In this video of Alone In The Dark, India spends the night inside a terrifying hospital called St Joseph Manor. What lurks in the dark? Find out what happens when India ventures into the basement for her paranormal investigation and has a haunting encounter with the paranormal.

  • 'Most Haunted' Set To Embark On Nationwide Theatre Tour

    January 25, 2023

    Television ghost hunter, Yvette Fielding, is taking her fellow 'Most Haunted' teammates to major theatres across the United Kingdom to host a unique live experience.

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