Berkeley Castle - Haunted History

Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire

Berkeley, Gloucestershire

Berkeley Castle, situated in Gloucestershire, holds a significant place in English history due to its connection to a gruesome event. For over 800 years, it has been under the stewardship of the same family. The castle is most infamously known for the brutal murder of King Edward II in 1327. The king, after being deposed and imprisoned in the castle's dungeons for several months, met a horrific end allegedly involving a red-hot poker. This method of murder, ordered by Queen Isabella, stands out as one of the most shocking royal deaths in English history.

Each year, on the anniversary of King Edward II's death, it is claimed that his agonizing screams echo throughout Berkeley Castle. The room where this violent incident supposedly took place is now accessible to the public. This aspect of the castle's history contributes to its haunted reputation.

Adding to the castle's eerie lore, in 2018, drone footage appeared in local news that some believed to have captured the ghost of a horseback rider moving through the courtyard of Berkeley Castle. This sighting further enhances the castle's reputation as a location steeped in paranormal activity and historical intrigue.

Berkeley Castle Map

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