Warstone Lane Cemetery - Haunted History

Warstone Lane Cemetery, Birmingham

Birmingham, West Midlands

Warstone Lane Cemetery, also known as Brookfields Cemetery, or Mint Cemetery, from the adjacent Birmingham Mint. The cemetery dates back to 1847 and includes unusual two-tiered catacombs. The cemetery is the final resting place of 51 Commonwealth servicemen from World War I and 13 from World War II.

Visitors to the Grade II listed site have frequently reported the ghost of a white lady, who has been seen wandering the graveyard and the road outside its gates. Passing drives claim to have slammed on their brakes after seeing her walking out in to the road, only to see her disappear seconds later.

There's also the ghost of an unknown young woman who is seen in the cemetery by passersby at night. It's said she's seen sat on top of her own grave, but no one has ever been brave enough to venture into the cemetery at night in order to read the name on the grave stone.

Warstone Lane Cemetery Map


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