West Bow - Haunted History

West Bow, Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Midlothian

The West Bow is situated between Victoria Street and the Grassmarket and was where the home of Thomas Weir once stood. He was a well-respected member of the community, until he confessed to various offences including witchcraft and communicating with the dead, and was executed in 1670.

After his death the house was unoccupied for many years due to its dark past, during this time locals reported seeing the windows lit up at night and saw strange shadows moving past the windows. There's also reports of a phantom coach pulled by six horses seen outside the house. Eventually a couple did move into the property, but were driven out one night after witnessing what they described as demonic apparitions.

The house has now been partially demolished but parts of it have been incorporated in the Quaker meeting house on Victoria Terrace. It's said that the paranormal activity that was once associated with Weir's home is now experienced in the Quaker's hall.

West Bow Map


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