Paranormal Investigator Alex Matsuo Releases New Book Highlighting Women's Contributions To Paranormal Research

July 01, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ BooksParanormal
Alex Matsuo - Women of the Paranormal Volume I
Author and paranormal investigator, Alex Matsuo, has released a new book titled 'Women Of The Paranormal Volume I: A Brief History'. The book aims to raise awareness of women's contributions to paranormal and psychical research.

Alex, who is also the founder of Association of Paranormal Study, is known for her expertise in the field of paranormal investigation. Her latest book chronicles the history of women who have contributed to paranormal research, including some of the most popular paranormal theories, concepts, and methodologies.

"Women have played a significant role in the paranormal investigating community, but their contributions have often been overlooked," says Alex. "With this book, I hope to shed light on the stories of these spooky women, so people can better appreciate their impact on paranormal history."

The book is written for anyone interested in paranormal research, from beginners to seasoned investigators and fans of spooky tales. Alex's book is written in a way that is easy to understand and accessible.
"I wanted to make sure that anyone who is interested in paranormal history can pick up this book and understand what these women did for the field," says Alex. "I hope it inspires more women to get involved in paranormal investigating and continue the work of these trailblazers."

'Women Of The Paranormal Volume I: A Brief History' features profiles of some of the most notable women in paranormal history, including Eleanor Sidgwick, who was a founding member of the Society for Psychical Research, and Lorraine Warren, who gained worldwide fame for her investigations of the Amityville Horror and the Annabelle doll.

The book also explores the contributions of lesser-known women to paranormal research, including Eileen Garrett, who was one of the first mediums to be studied scientifically, and Louisa Rhine, who worked alongside her husband J.B. Rhine in developing the field of parapsychology.

"I wanted to make sure that the book wasn't just about the most famous women in paranormal history," says Alex. "I wanted to delve into the stories of those who might not be as well known, but who made significant contributions to the field."

Alex hopes that her book will inspire readers to learn more about the contributions of women to paranormal research and to consider their own involvement in investigating the unknown.

"This book is just the beginning," Alex added. "There are so many more stories to tell, and I hope that this will encourage more people to research and write about the contributions of women to paranormal investigating."

'Women Of The Paranormal Volume I: A Brief History' is available to purchase now on Amazon and other major retailers. Join Alex on a journey through paranormal history and discover the spooky women who paved the way for modern paranormal research.

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