Animals In The Spirit World

By Bruce Halliday
May 03, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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"I have come to the conclusion that pets make the crossing and wait for us on the other side." - By Bruce Halliday

Ghost Dog Pets
I and other Ghost Box communicators have done sessions with the express purpose of finding out if our beloved pets make the transition to the spirit world and are waiting there for us to arrive. I have done sessions where I've specifically attempted to answer this question.

A Ghost Box is a device that enables the reception of radio signals and dices them up into small bits and pieces or fragments of sound by sweeping the chosen band at a fast enough rate so that the dial does not stop on any one station. The theory is that an entity will use whatever bits of radio fragments it needs to form words and sentences to facilitate realtime, live spirit communication between the researcher and a non-physical entity, presumably the spirits of disembodied human beings.

I have come to the conclusion from communication received in that session as well as previous ones that our pets do make the crossing and do wait to be reunited with us when we cross.

With the belief in this occurrence some may ask, if animals can cross and become spirit, why is the spirit world not filled with billions of animal souls, lions, tigers, elephants, rats and countless other animals.

This is a good question and one I have pondered since my decision to accept the messages from our spirit friends and adopt the belief that animals do become spirits and do cross to the other side. This is the theory I have formulated.

We as human beings in the physical world build a connection with some of the creatures that share it with us. The common bond that all living creatures share, the fact that no matter what form we take physically be it human or animal or even insect and fish, all life on earth is built from the same essential building blocks.

Of course our connection to every single living thing on this planet is limited to an unconscious primal energy that goes forever unnoticed maybe except in the rarest of instances like when a dolphin will save a drowning man or the case of a fully grown silver back gorilla cradling an injured child that had fallen into its zoo enclosure until help could arrive. These instances are uncommon and like I said extremely rare but they are examples of our primal bond and sharing of energy with all living creatures.

I will try and give my answer as to why I believe the other side is not completely over run with animal spirits. The basic bond of energy we all share with the other creatures of the Earth is as I explained it earlier. This energy bond transcends the basis of the relationships that are shared between certain animals and human beings.

I speak of the animals that have chosen by one means or another to become close and trusted every day companions, coworkers and life long friends of man. The energy bond I speak of can play many roles between us and our fellow creatures. Among the animals that have chosen whether willingly or unconsciously to be our companions in many different ways are our beloved pets - everything from cats and dogs to birds.

I believe that the reason these creatures are capable of existing in spirit form and are able to interact with human spirit on the other side is due in large to the bond not only of basic living energy but also the bond of unconditional love, trust and respect that is shared by most of us with the creatures we so openly share our home our beds and our lives with, the creatures that depend on us for their sustenance their protection and their wellbeing and who we depend on for our comfort of thought our unending flow of affection received and our very sanity at times.

These bonds are a form of energy that transcend the basic building blocks of merely living creature affiliation. These relationships and the energy traded between them is akin to the energy shared between a parent and a child, have you ever witnessed an elderly person walking a pet dog in the park? Next time you have the opportunity to, pay attention to the unspoken attachment that is shared by them and the reliance that you will witness between them for each others very existence.

They are more than master and pet, but soul mates in a sense of the idea. That is what I believe makes it possible for our pets to make the special transition and become spirit forms that will continue to comfort us and share our love in the life we will share with them when reunited in the next experience.

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Bruce Halliday is a paranormal investigator best known for his pioneering work with the Ghost Box. With a passion for gaining a greater understanding of realtime spirit communication, Bruce dedicates much of his research to methods of instrumental transcommunication, including electronic voice phenomenon.

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