Meet The Ghostbusting Greyhound On A Mission To Sniff Out The Supernatural

October 20, 2021 2:08 PM ‐ ParanormalGhostsTelevision

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Bond The Ghost Hunting Dog

Clearly ITV's mid-morning show, 'This Morning', is getting into the spirit of Halloween, as Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary met another spooky guest on the famous couch today, this time it was a ghost-hunting pooch.

Bond, a former race-winning Greyhound, has been dubbed a real-life Scooby-Doo. The pet, along with his owners, Brian Sterling-Vete and Helen Wuorio joined Alison and Dermot in the ITV studio to talk about his spooktacular ghost-hunting abilities.

Brian and Helen, who have been investigating things that go bump in the night for several years, say they spotted Bond's paranormal potential as soon as they adopted him. Brian said, "more or less as soon as he arrived we noticed, well my wife noticed, that I'd left the room and he was paying attention and interacting with something that wasn't there up on the wall."

Brian explained, "you've heard stories about these dogs all of a sudden get transfixed and they see something on the wall that we can't see and that's really how it all started."

Helen added, "we live in a flat that used to be his mum's, so I kind of think that it was maybe his mother that was interacting with him
because his mum just passed away."

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The couple are part of a Manchester-based group called Paranormal Rescue. Brian likens the team to Thunderbirds International Rescue meets the equaliser and Scooby-Doo. He explained, "we get calls from people quite a lot who have problems, so we don't go looking for paranormal entities or researching so much, we still do occasionally, but we predominantly get calls from people who have trouble and try and help them find solutions."

The pet owners then tell the curious presenters how Bond gets involved on their ghost hunts. Brian said, "normally what a group does, they use electronic equipment, cameras, sensing devices and all sorts. When you think about it, a dog has got all these enhanced senses all wrapped up into four paws and a waggly tail."

The paranormal investigator continues, "he's got something like five times better vision, ten thousand times better sense of smell, fantastic hearing, plus possibly a sixth sense because they have brainwaves similar to small children operating in the theta and alpha bandwidth, so just as small children are often reported as seeing strange things, dogs can probably do the same thing too."
Bond The Ghost Hunting Dog

Bond did a quick ghost sweep of the studio before the interview. Alison said, "he was literally over there, he was staring at the kitchen, but he wasn't looking at me he was staring to left of me and I was like 'what is he looking at?'" Turning to her co-host, she declared, "there's something in our kitchen, Dermot."

Helen says that on one particular investigation in a police station, Bond was on such a mission to sniff out the supernatural that he dragged her down the stairs. She said, "we went through the courtroom and he was chasing something up and down the aisles that I couldn't see, and he dragged me down the stairs, ended up in the jail cell, and then he was kind of gasping for breath. I got quite scared, so I took him out."

Brian added, "the interesting thing was, in those jail cells there were the two suicides had taken place many many years ago, probably by hanging. So he started to react to something and all through the investigation that night he was growling."

Yesterday, the Alison and Dermot, who are currently sitting in for regulars Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, met a woman who has fallen in love with a ghost who appeared in her bedroom one evening.

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