Is A Robin A Visit From The Dead?

By Matt Scofield
December 16, 2020 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Robin Bird
In April 2017, Marie Robinson was visiting the grave of her son Jack on the third anniversary of his death. Marie asked the universe to "send Mummy a sign." Whilst standing at the graveside, a robin came to say hello - it hopped onto her shoe and then onto her hand. Marie took this as a sign that her son Jack was still with her, even though physically he had passed on. For many centuries, the robin has been associated with a visit from the dead. Could this just be coincidence, or is this red-breasted garden bird our special link with another spiritual plane?

Robins & Symbolism

In folklore, the robin symbolises rebirth, a new beginning, the song of spring, joy, passion and happiness. They are also symbolic of a divine sacrifice for the greater good. Robins encourage us to move on with a new chapter in our life - to let go of the negative influences. When somebody dies, it is not always easy to move on. Seeing a robin close by can sometimes help to give someone who is grieving the permission to let go and start looking towards the future. Letting go and moving forward is important for spiritual growth. Many people also use meditation and mindfulness to understand their emotions and help them process at a time of grief. It can help you to understand your soul better and what it needs to grow.

The Transportation Of Souls

Robin Bird

Robins are considered to hold the spirits of our deceased loved ones. This is why having a visitation from a robin can be so personal. There is a saying: "robins appear when a loved one is near," and anecdotal evidence of this is extremely common. Robins can be extremely bold birds, making their presence known if they go unnoticed, often tapping on windows or even landing on you. Maybe this is actually someone's soul calling out to you.

Interpreting Signs

Whenever we find evidence of the paranormal, particularly when looking for evidence of ghosts and spirits, it is often said that people interpret signs that ordinarily might not have had any meaning. When a robin communicates with you, it is easy to dismiss this as simply being a visit from an ordinary garden bird. However, over the centuries, there have been far too many first-hand experiences of robins making themselves known after the time of a significant loss. There are no other birds that do this as often.

A person's soul contains a unique energy which must be transferred after they die. When someone close to us dies, a visit from a robin can be evidence that their spirit remains with us. 

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