Bigfoot - The Parapod Series 2, Episode 10 Review

April 26, 2016 11:37 AM ‐ The ParaPodMythical Creatures

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Barry Dodds and Ray Peacock tackle a real mystery in the final episode of the Parapod in this series. What is the plural for "bigfoot?" Perhaps "bigfeet," well all is revealed as the duo discuss the legend of Bigfoot.

Barry admits that he only researched the subject of Bigfoot ahead of the episode and was a little disappointed, "I thought it was going to be this big hairy thing that lives in the woods, that goes round, scares the s**t out of people."

He said, "what's got me down about it is that it's so plausible and so potentially real that it doesn't inflame my imagination," but undeterred he continued, "let's start with some facts, this is what I've learnt about Bigfoot."

The facts as told by Barry are that there are many of them and they live in clans, "you know when you get like a couple of rough families on a council estate, it's like that." Ray then tells Barry that if there's more than one Bigfoot the it should be "Bigfi."

Barry went with this fact and continued with his research, stating that there are "six Bigfi in each group." Barry says that people have seen both male and female Bigfi, "there's the bloke one who a few people have seen, but the woman Bigfi, she's been caught on film."

The Patterson–Gimlin film, is the most famous piece of Bigfoot evidence, it was shot in 1967 alongside Bluff Creek in Northern California by Roger Patterson Bob Gimlin. Barry has some thoughts on why the video must be real, "now if it was faked, why would you even give it breasts? You'd make it a man."

A stunned Ray says, "Barry, in my research of this, I've heard lots of arguments for why that footage can't be fake, but nowhere have I read that one of the arguments for why it could be fake is 'why would you put tits on it?'"

But things get more bizarre when Barry claims that native Indians think Bigfi are "telepathic and can turn invisible." Glancing at his notes, Barry then said "do you know what, I'm looking at my notes, I've f**ked myself over here," he screws his paper up, "I'm done with it."

Ray pushes Barry a little more. Barry says "there's one other thing I know, the reasons we haven't got any decent evidence of them is that so many people create fakes." Barry says that this muddies the water, but Barry warns it's very dangerous to try and make fake videos. He says if you go into the woods dressed up as Bigfoot, "if a real one sees you, it might bum you."

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Ray wraps up the last debate of the series by saying, "the Patterson–Gimlin is a fake. They've traced the costume back to the shop that built it, and the man in the costume shop said 'I built that, it's a one-off bespoke costume that I made'."

Barry says, "I still believe in it." Ray replies, "you can believe in it all you want, mate, but you've brought nothing today, a lot of it by your own admission you made up on the spot."

In response, Barry snaps, "the bit about the bumming is real, they did say that." But after being pushed a little more, Barry admits that he didn't really put much effort into researching the topic, "I tried, I watched two documentaries, I got bored and I put 'Borat' on."

And of course, the plural of Bigfoot isn't Bigfi. The plural is actually the same as the singular, it's "Bigfoot." In the same way that moose is moose, and antelope is antelope.

Ray 10 - Barry 0.

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